Launch A Questions And Answers Website With The Sofa QandA WordPress Theme

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Sofa QandA is a useful design which instantly converts your WordPress powered website into a Questions & Answers service. The layout is reminiscent of the design voting websites like Digg use to you with the number of votes a question has and the number of answers.

As you would expect, users have to register in order to use the sites features. Once someone registers on your site they can submit questions, reply to answers, vote and add reputation to those who reply. Each user has their own profile page which displays links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles and it boasts an internal bookmarking system too.

Sofa QandA WordPress Theme

The theme supports multi level drop down menus and comes with 8 ready mage widgets and widget ready sidebars. You can customise how it is used through the sites admin panel.

A single license for Sofa QandA retails at $35 at ThemeForest. There are question and answers scripts available in PHP and Java etc however if you are looking for one which uses WordPress, I recommend checking Sofa QandA out as it’s well designed and reasonably priced.


Link: Sofa QandA

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  • Comment by Mike

    I have used several free Q&A open source system but I must say I love Q&A WordPress the most. I still remembered I bought a first Q&A theme on Themeforest for a long time ago but that theme sucks. I will check out this theme for sure. Thanks for introducing, Kevin.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Yeah that should work fine. You will just have to copy your main sites stylesheet over and modify it to suit your needs.

  • Comment by Amy

    Hey Kevin,

    This is a very cool theme. Thanks for letting us know about it. I plan to add it to an existing website under another instance of WordPress. Do you think that will work without issue?