Laboratory Plugin Now Has Facebook Comments

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The Laboratory plugin, created by Color Labs Project, is a set of modular WordPress extensions that are included in one bundle download. Features that were tacked on to the plugin from its initial release are a CSS/HTML editor, short link generator, custom login page editor, dynamic menu generator, responsive slideshow generator, tabs widget, plus the Socialcast that integrates websites with social networks. With the latest update, Laboratory has an all-new functionality: Facebook comments.

This feature will allow WordPress website owners to take advantage of social media interaction; thus allowing readers to easily share ideas and publish opinions on your posts. The official blog post published by Color Labs on March 15th states, “You can easily implement this Facebook Comments feature and get rid of the hassle each and every time you are required to type in your name and email address. There‚Äôs no need to do any special magic to activate this on your site, just activate it through Laboratory, configure the plugin settings and you are done.”

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

The customizable features within the plugin allow website administrators to choose whether to publish Facebook comments after individual posts, pages and even on the homepage. You can also select the color scheme, language, and module width. An added function is the ability to designate exactly how many comments will appear after an entry.

Backbone Framework

If you’ve used any of the premium WordPress themes that Color Labs has to offer, then you are aware that their templates run off of the Backbone Framework. The framework conveniently guides even the newest website administrators through controlling a WordPress website.

By providing a comprehensive Control Panel that requires no code manipulation, Color Labs gives website owners an opportunity to gain extensive experience at managing all aspects of a website. The panel can be utilized by any computer user with mild experience with click-and-drag modules.

Laboratory Plugin use

It is extremely easy to download and install the latest version of Laboratory. All you have to do is activate the plugin via the WordPress Dashboard and you are all set.

Laboratory Plugin

Best of all, the plugin works with all themes; meaning you can select the template of your choice for a WordPress site, configure it to your liking, then “turbo-charge” its functionality through the Laboratory plugin.

Use the following link to find out more about and download the Laboratory plugin.

Color Labs Themes

Color Labs focuses its premium market on themes that work for companies, blogs, news sites and e-Commerce. Its newest release, Rumour, is a news platform that is capable of publishing a large amount of categorized content and placing it within an organized grid on your homepage, and/or within separate feeds via the use of Custom Page Templates.

Products can be purchased on a one-time, lifetime access basis that grants full rights to a particular theme, or customers can opt for an all-inclusive plan for one year which can include your selection of enterprise themes, 30 stand alone templates, or a framework bundle.

The themes marketed by Color Labs have been proven by thousands of customers worldwide, plus they have the added bonus of being visually attractive. Some of the company’s downloads are fully responsive, meaning that WordPress website owners can automatically cater to mobile device and tablet computer users who nowadays expect a customized view.

Adjustable layouts are the key to responsive design; giving your website a sharp visual appeal along with the ability to “tap” commands from the front-end rather than the traditional click and drag method.

If you would like to find out more about Color Labs themes or their latest update to the Laboratory Plugin, visit their official website at