Kubrick On Crack WordPress Theme

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Kubrick was the default theme for WordPress for years however it was replaced this year in the release of WordPress 3.0 with the more modern Twenty Ten design. If you miss the Kubrick skin then you may enjoy Kubrick On Crack, which apparently a rethinking of the Kubrick theme by Fearless Flyer.

The theme keeps the slim 728 pixel fixed width of the original but apart from that it, you won’t recognise it. It has a beautiful top navigation menu with a search button and links to Twitter and your RSS feed to the right of the logo.

Kubrick On Crack WordPress Theme

One of the coolest features of the theme is the featured post on the home page though all posts are published with an image preview. There is a basic options page which allows you to change the logo, Twitter and Feed details, Google Adsense and Google Analytics.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the comment area is very well designed too.

Kubrick On Crack Comments Area

Kubrick On Crack is a very simplistic theme (which is what I love about it). It just oozes class though; from the image previews on the home page to the funky comment area, Kubrick On Crack is one of the coolest free WordPress themes around.

It doesn’t have any built in areas for advertising and lacks social media options for recommending posts however these could be added yourself if required. I encourage you to check it out :)

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Kubrick On Crack: Download & Info | Demo