Kohrus Rate Plugin Review

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Social media and rating systems on review sites are nothing new to most of us. Those of us who haven’t been living under a rock for the last 5 years anyways. But the two combined? That is the premise behind the new premium WordPress plugin Kohrus Rate. It links each and every rating with a tweet. This does two things: (1) Assures that each rating is associated with a real twitter account; and (2) can dramatically increase the amount of social shares your content receives – resulting in a healthy boost to your site’s SEO.

How does it work? Lets take a look.

Downloading and Installing Kohrus

To get your copy of the Kohrus plugin for WordPress you first need to visit their website here and make a purchase. This premium plugin costs $39, one time. Once you have made your purchase and downloaded the zipped plugin file from their website, go to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and install the Kohrus plugin. Upon activating the plugin you will see a new option under Settings called Kohrus Rate.


Configuring Kohrus

While there are several options on the Kohrus Rate main options page, configuration is dependent on three things: creating/linking your twitter app and authorizing it, linking and authorizing your bit.ly account, and editing your tweet string. Below I will show you how to do all three.


First, lets walk through registering your new twitter app, linking it to the Kohrus Rate plugin, and verifying the API key. You’ll notice that under the heading Create Twitter App there is a bit of hyperlinked text reading “register a twitter app”. Click on that link and it will bring you to a screen like the one below.


Go ahead and sign in to your twitter account (the one you wish to have linked to the site you’re working on) and you will then be taken to this page. Fill out the form as seen below (with your own info obviously) and create your app.


Once the app has been created you will need to go to the settings tab at the top and make sure that your Application Type Access is switched from Read Only to Read and Write.


When you’re finished, your settings should look like the ones below. Access level should be set to Read and Write and the two numbers immediately below the Access Level will be used to link the new twitter app to the Kohrus Rate Plugin.


You will now want to go back to your Kohrus Rate Main Options page and paste the Twitter App Key and Twitter App Secret numbers into their respective text boxes. When complete, click the button and verify the Twitter API Key.


As long as everything checks out, the last twitter related thing you’ll need to do is authorize the account you are using by clicking on the link next to Authorize Twitter Account right below the API Verification button.

**When all this is done, click the Save Options button underneath the Twitter section or none of what you just did will be saved**


Next, we need to connect the Kohrus Rate plugin to Bit.ly. Similarly to the Twitter section you will see two links in the Bit.ly section. One saying “Signup for Bit.ly” and the other “get your API key”. If you already have a Bit.ly account and are signed in you may go to the second link and the needed information will be clearly labeled as in the image below.



All you need to do is copy those numbers over into the corresponding text boxes in the Kohrus Rate plugin options and verify the Bit.ly API Key.

**Once again, it’s very important to click the Save Options button or this will be undone the next time you try to save something else.**


Lastly, we must edit the Tweet String to reflect the message you want displayed when someone rates your content. This is really a matter of personal taste, but it is important to give it a bit of a personal touch. Just click unlock and make the appropriate adjustments. When done, click Save Options.


Implementing Kohrus

And now it’s time to see what this plugin looks like in action. Below is a sample post of with the Kohrus Rate rating stars underneath. When I clicked on my rating a twitter screen immediately popped up with the tweet below automatically loaded up ready to go.



My Thoughts

I found this plugin to be easy to install, setup, and implement. Unfortunately my test site does not have any traffic so I couldn’t really put the Page Stats and User Stats sections of the plugin admin to work. If you are interested in what that looks like they have some screenshots on their website. The concept here is a good one and I’m sure that sites who push their users to review will see this tool strengthen their community, social engagement, and SEO.

More Info and Download link: Kohrus