Matt Mullenwegs Keynote Presentation at WordCamp San Francisco 2010

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Founding WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg posted a video yesterday of his keynote presentation at this years WordCamp in San Francisco (held May 1st 2010). The video is just under ! hour 15 minutes long so make sure you grab a drink before you sit down to watch it :)

In the video Matt shows you the beginning of WordPress and then moves onto some of the latest features of WordPress 3.0 including the development of the new default theme Twenty Ten and custom headers.

Matt then speaks about how WordPress is being used more as a CMS and a blog nowadays rather than just a blog, plugins, educating WordPress users and developers, WordPress on the iPhone and iPad, BuddyPress and more.

One thing I was really pleased to hear was that last month he was pushing his developers to develop bbPress as a plugin for WordPress rather than as a stand alone product. As he quite rightly points out, if users already have information about their users etc in the WordPress database already then there’s no need to ask for it again in another database. I don’t foresee this happening for a while though. It’s clear that whilst Matt does want to develop bbPress, it is certainly not a priority.

I encourage you to watch the video if you have time. It’s over an hour long but it doesn’t drag in as Matt talks about some interesting topics.

Link : Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2010