Justin Tadlock Starts Developing A Forum Plugin Using Custom Post Types

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Custom Post Types was one of the biggest additions to WordPress 3.0. There have been some good custom type plugins released over the last 6 months however I’ve yet to see any plugin or theme developers really take advantage of this great new feature.

It looks like this could change as Justin Tadlock has started developing a forum plugin for WordPress which uses Custom Post Types. To keep things simple Justin is only using three post types: forums, topics and replies.

Justin has only began developing the plugin but it’s encouraging to see him working on this as a the WordPress community is crying out for a great forum plugin for WordPress so that forums can easily be added without having to go through integration steps such as copying the blog design over to the forum. As many of you know, Automattic are planning on developing a plugin for their standalone forum script bbPress. In fact, they started working on it last week.

Unfortunately, the rate in which bbPress has been updated is considerably slower than WordPress. Therefore I wouldn’t expect a beta release of a bbPress plugin for another 6 months at least. Justin has promised that he will develop his plugin so that users can easily switch to the bbPress version once it has been released. He has also stated that he would be happy for bbPress to borrow some of the code from his plugin.

If you are interested in testing the plugin for Justin then please register at his Pop Critics discussion forum. I’m sure he would appreciate any help from WordPress users.

I’ll let you all know when Justin has released a beta version of the plugin.


Link: A WordPress forum plugin using custom post types