Create Colourful Drop Down Menus With JQuery Mega Menu Widget

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On WP Mods we use the excellent UberMenu WordPress plugin to style our main navigation menu. Those of you on a budget will be pleased to know that there are free alternatives available that let you style navigation menus easily.

Today I would like to show you two great free plugins from Lee Chestnutt that let you easily add colourful menus to your website. JQuery Mega Menu Widget and JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget both work in pretty much the same way – the first one handles horizontal menus and the latter handles vertical menus.

The menu is powered by the WordPress menu system therefore creating your menu is very straight forward. It has some basic styling options too. You can set how many items there are per row and choose how the tab changes colour when you click or hover over a menu link.

There are 8 colour schemes to choose from: black, light blue, blue, orange, green, white, red and grey. If you choose no skin for your menu the menu will be styled accordingly to the styling you have for lists in that widget area.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the settings for both widgets are almost identical.

JQuery Mega Menu Widgets

The option to have numerous rows makes creating large custom drop down menus a breeze. Although you can choose to use the plugins with your own styling, I think one of main reasons of using the plugin is so you can create a colourful menu in seconds.

JQuery Mega Menu WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for an easy way to create colourful drop down menus I recommend these plugins out. Both plugins are free to download and are very straight forward to use.


JQuery Mega Menu Widget: Information | Download
JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget: Information | Download

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