Jetpack Eclipses 3 Million Downloads As Version 2.0 Hits Market

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The extremely popular Jetpack WordPress plugin by parent company Automattic was updated on Thursday, November 8th to Version 2.0. The new version, which comes with more features, catapulted the plugin to over 3,000,000 all-time downloads.

The announcement on Jetpack’s official website Thursday stated that the “past nine releases of Jetpack have started to reveal our vision for next-generation features that will boost WordPress’ incredible success by making it more social, more connected, more mobile, and more customizable.

Jetpack by WordPress

Over three million downloads later, we’re excited to report that the community has embraced this seemingly impossible vision for combining the best of hosted and non-hosted WordPress. This tenth release brings some of the most-asked-for features into the hands of millions of Jetpackers.”

Jetpack 2.0 Features

The newly updated product comes with streamlined statistics (previously available through Stats) that put no extra load on your servers.

Jetpack Stats Chart

There is also a social network-enabled comment system, plus the ability to easily publicize content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. “You no longer have to jump through hoops and developer portals to connect your blog to your friends on your favorite social networks. Through Jetpack and your account, you can connect to each network with just a few clicks and broadcast to your audiences and followers across several networks, making WordPress your true digital hub. Activate Publicize from the main Jetpack page in your dashboard, then go to Settings → Sharing to add social sharing connections,” according to Jetpack.

More Than 3 Million Downloads

Just a couple of days before the new version launched, Jetpack eclipsed 3 million total downloads, (one million of which have come since the middle of the 2012 calendar year). Over 16,300 downloads of the plugin occurred Thursday, and there are nearly 19,000 downloads of Jetpack that took place on Friday, November 9th, at the time this article is being written.

Jetpack Downloads Per Day

An article published Thursday by explained how Jetpack will add functionality to independent websites.

“There are over 54 million WordPress sites in the world, and that number is split between the free service and open source installs. Both options have their benefits, one being self-hosted and completely customizable, and the other much easier to use with free hosting built right in. But as grows, the network’s benefits grow too — benefits that independent WordPress sites normally can’t enjoy, unless they’re using Jetpack,” the article said.

Post By Email And Photon

Jetpack Post By Email

The new Post by Email feature provides another tool for those who spend the bulk of their online communication time on Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Set up a “secret” email address and then email ANYTHING to it and let Jetpack publish it on your blog within seconds. When you combine this with the Publicize and Subscriptions modules, the post will then be sent to all your Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, etc. in real time without you ever having to do the work manually – a huge time saver!

Jetpack Photon

If you’ve ever noticed that full-width images no longer coincide with your layout upon switching WordPress themes, then Jetpack Photon has the solution. The addition “fixes all of that by making the advanced image acceleration and image editing service from available to the broader WordPress community, essentially making every image a fully dynamic object that themes and plugins can transform to their heart’s content without killing your server. In fact, if you enable Photon, you will see your CPU and bandwidth usage plummet as images are served through the global cloud, meaning less load on your host and faster images for your users.”