It’s Called WordPress And Don’t You Forget It!!

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Justin Tadlock brought to my attention a WordPress debate which is frustrating a lot of WordPress bloggers. Shortly before WordPress 3 was released a function was added to WordPress called capital_P_dangit() which changes ‘WordPress’ to ‘WordPress’ i.e. replaces a lowercase p to uppercase P (this is known as CamelCasing). This was done to ensure that users correctly capitalise the W and P when referring to the WordPress brand name.

Many of you may be surprised that the addition of such a small function could cause a debate in the first place. There are 3 reasons why people are getting annoyed about this function:

  1. Normally all major changes are added to WordPress via the track ticket system. However this function was added to the core files without being debated by any developers.
  2. The function is breaking URL’s. There’s currently a ticket opened which states that an uploaded image called WordPressLogo_blue-m.png doesn’t work because it was changed to WordPressLogo_blue-m.png by the function. This is clearly a major problem and needs to be addressed.
  3. To quote Justin.

    The real issue is not the bug; it’s the display of content that people didn’t write.

    Surely it isn’t WordPress’s place to change any of our content, even if it is wrong.

You can manually remove the capital_P_dangit() function and there is a plugin to remove it too however the main issue here is still whether the function should be there in the first place.

I can fully understand why they want to stop millions of bloggers incorrectly spelling their brand name though I have to agree with Justin in this one as I don’t think that it is their place to change anyones content forcefully.

What do you think: Do you think WordPress have the right to change references to them?


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  • Comment by Chris M.
    Chris M.

    LOL!!! It even happened in this very comment on mine!

  • Comment by Chris M.
    Chris M.

    This is hilarious! For real!? Hahaha… I just tried it on one of my blogs, and sure enough, when you type “WordPress” (with a lowercase “p”), it automatically gets changed to a capital “P” on the site (although it still stays as a lowercase “p” in your WP editor)… LOL… Crazy.