It’s been awhile

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Okay, admittedly it has been awhile since we updated the blog. We’ve been quite busy working a bunch of new projects and initiatives all of which are exciting for us, the theme development companies and you, the webmaster/blogger/customer.

First, we’ve added hundreds of new wordpress templates reviews since our last blog post. We’ve been adding promising theme companies such as Template Monster, PressCoders and many others. We’ve also added a ton of themes from a multitude of developers via the ThemeForest website. We plan on adding a number of additional companies in the future as well.

Second, we’ve realized that we have a problem. We have too many themes for our current sorting and search system. When we had 100 or 200 templates, it was pretty easy for our users to find themes within the main categories that we have. With nearly 500 themes, that’s no longer the case. So we’ve embarked on an ambitious project to rebuild our entire site from the ground up. In the process, we will also be rebranding and expanding the site in addition to redirecting the site to a new domain. We’ll soon be featuring information on WordPress hosting, WordPress plugins and more. We’re also building in a category-leading set of theme discovery tools that outpace even the official free theme directory on We’re confident that our new system will be by far the best and most efficient way for users to search for themes. This should benefit everyone involved in the process!

Third, we’re looking forward to partnering with our sister site Graphic Design on various initiatives. As the leading premium WordPress theme directory, we come across a LOT of graphic design professionals who are interested in being in the theme industry and tons of theme professionals who are interested in increasing their skills with regards to graphic design. The bottom line is that theme development requires individuals who have excellent skills in photoshop, html, css, wordpress and php. We think that, by partnering with Graphic Design, we should be able to provide industry-leading tools for designers to find graphic design jobs, for companies to find graphic design professionals, for educators to provide their services to interested parties and so on. We’re excited about it!

Look for the new site in December, hopefully!