Introducing The Chronicle Newspaper Theme By WPZoom

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Remember the old days of online news coverage when all you had to work with was the ability to post a story? Forget about SEO, back-end programming (unless you had a large budget), widgets, custom post types, or catering to different screen sizes. Luckily, the WordPress theme market has evolved over the years to include a large amount of quality downloads that are capable of making your website look as professional as even the biggest companies that have oversized financial allotments for such endeavors. Recently, WPZoom released its latest magazine and newspaper theme called Chronicle, which gives off a traditional newspaper feel but has plenty of modules to keep readers informed and coming back due to its clean layout and ability to cover a wide range of categorized topics.

The Chronicle Layout

In reality, you can choose from multiple layouts when downloading and activating the Chronicle theme onto your WordPress website. The default look you’ll receive upon visiting the Live Demo page features bold, newspaper style fonts for the logo section, which is surrounded by navigation areas above and below. Drop down menus will come into effect in cases where categorized entries are divided up off of the main sections, while the Breaking News Ticker is a sure-fire way to keep readers informed of the latest happenings; regardless of whether the topic at hand is world news, finance, sports, politics, etc.

Chronicle Homepage

Although the homepage itself doesn’t come with a slider, there are still dedicated slots for featured content; complete with large thumbnail images, titles, text excerpt, author name, publication date, number of comments and Read More link. The Recent Posts feed on the right-hand side can be included to give added exposure to your latest stories, plus there is a fully widgetized sidebar that is capable of providing one click access to your social media accounts, newsletter sign-up links, contact page, recent comments, and much more. If you have sponsors for your website, this is an ideal place to give them impressions in order to generate revenue.

Responsive Layout

Chronicle Responsive Design

The Chronicle theme comes with a completely responsive layout that will ensure front end readers who are navigating via a smart phone or tablet computer don’t have to waste time thumb scrolling and pinching their way through a page in order to cleanly view its content.

This means that your website content will automatically adjust to fit the screen size of an iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Android, iPod Touch and similar devices without the webmaster ever having to go into the Editor and work with code. This feature comes standard in almost all quality premium WordPress themes released during the 2013 calendar year.

Chronicle Theme Features

When purchasing and downloading the Chronicle WordPress theme, you’ll gain access to the Zoom framework as well as built-in SEO for maximizing your online searches. Custom widgetized areas can be easily accessed from the control panel, and there is even a video slideshow that will enable you or your webmaster to post multimedia content and feature it prominently on your news platform.

Chronicle Theme Features

The latest blog entry from WPZoom states, “The footer slider in Chronicle supports embedding video right into the slider, meaning you can show off video content right from your site’s homepage. The slider, of course, also supports images and lets you easily feature posts. If you’d prefer to feature content in the carousel which doesn’t have videos, then Chronicle handles that beautifully too. We’ve got your content covered.”

To discover the benefits of the newest release from WPZoom called Chronicle, simply go to the product page linked above or visit the Chronicle Live Demo Page directly.