One-on-One with ThemeFuse Co-Founder Dimi Baitanciuc: Part 2

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The last time we caught up with ThemeFuse Co-Founder Dimi Baitanciuc, we talked about the founding of the company and its emphasis on not adopting a “bigger is better” mentality like many other firms do. We also learned that ThemeFuse focuses on niche themes as a way of growing its audience, not trying to be everything to everyone. If you own a hotel, for example (and who doesn’t want to own a hotel?), ThemeFuse is the place to go for a WordPress theme.

Now, it’s on to Part 2. If this were the WordPress rendition of “A Christmas Carol,” this article would be the Ghost of Christmas Future. Spooky, huh?

WPHub: Can you tell us what ThemeFuse is working on now? What can we expect in the short-term and long-term from the company?

themefuse dimi baitanciucDimi Baitanciuc: We are working very hard right now on a cool new feature: an option for purchasing a hosting plan together with a theme and a domain if the user doesn’t have one already. This will make the whole process of getting your website live really straightforward, from purchasing to the installation of the theme and the online publishing phase.

Everything will “just work” because there will be no more fiddling with server settings for the user to have to go through. We will take care of every aspect of the process, from the theme install to server optimizations, in order for the theme to work perfectly.

Talking about the longer term, we plan to release a brand new website as part of our ThemeFuse family, which will not be related to WordPress themes, but to web and graphic design in general. We have been collaborating with high-class designers from around the world the past few months and I think we’ve come up with awesome results.

I know I’m shamelessly teasing you guys right now, but to say we are excited about this is really an understatement. Unfortunately, there’s not much more I can reveal right now except for the fact that the new site will be coming very soon, hopefully not more than a couple of months from now.

WPHub: Give us your take on the future of WordPress. Where is the industry moving and how is ThemeFuse adapting?

Dimi Baitanciuc: We always try to update our themes for the latest WordPress version as soon as possible so our themes will support the new features right away every time they add something. Also, when speaking of new features that arise in the WordPress industry or web design in general, like short codes or responsive web design (which is definitely one of the hottest trends right now), we like to add them pretty fast to our themes, but only if it really adds value to them.

So, usually we try to analyze the idea before jumping head first into an important development cycle. Sometimes adding features too fast means you spend a lot of time working on things that are not yet proven to be really worth it past the initial hype, as users won’t use them in the long-run.

Regarding the future of WordPress, I think the guys from Automatic can give us a better view on that, but my take is that WordPress is still young and still has a lot of room to grow.

WPHub: What have customers said is the most alluring part of ThemeFuse?

Dimi Baitanciuc: One thing that differentiates us from other WordPress theme shops is our original design style and niche-oriented themes. Our clients always tell us that they knew from the get-go that the theme they saw on our site was the perfect choice for their needs. This happens because it is easier to envision a website for a lawyer’s office, for example, when the theme that you see on your screen was really meant for that. Our Live Demo is perfectly groomed for this exact purpose: to give you the best idea how your future site will look.

Of course, this is nothing original anymore, as lots of other shops have started to have these niche themes in their portfolios, but I believe we were among the first ones to try these designs and not go for the classic, generic themes that everybody released a few years back.

Another thing that separates us is our support. We have some pretty awesome guys taking care of it and we’ve received a lot of incredible feedback on that. Their drive to help others is simply amazing. Purchasing a theme is only the first step in the process of building your website, as you’ll also need dedicated support sooner or later, and this is where our guys shine.

Next week, we’ll dive into a day in the life of ThemeFuse’s founders. Are the four musketeers still involved with the company or have they taken a step back to let a new generation of designers and developers take over?

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