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I recently came across PlugPress, a self proclaimed ‘WordPress App Store’ that lets you download themes, plugins and other WordPress related items. I was interested in finding out more about the service so I contacted the owner Maxime Jobin.

Maxime was more than happy to answer a few questions for WP Mods to give you a better understanding of what PlugPress does. I hope you enjoy the interview :)

Can you tell readers a little about yourself and your experience with WordPress?

My name is Maxime Jobin and I’m a web entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada. I’ve created dozens of websites/web applications in different domains such as: media, finance, project management, etc. I am always looking for an opportunity to start a business and have one objective – “make a living with my ideas”.

I started to use WordPress in 2007. I was playing with different CMS scripts at the time without any serious projects. I had an interest for CMS’s and wanted to know more about this market. At that time, WordPress was not as flexible as it is today but what I liked was how simple and easy it was to create a website.

Everything started to be serious in 2010 with WordPress as I created multiple websites that were all about content (and not technology). I then had a hard time finding good plugins for my projects because they were not up-to-date, had some bugs or not ready for translation (my first language is French). The idea of “creating premium plugins” as a business started in my mind and I bought the domain “”. I was working on many other things at the same time so I kept the domain for that future project.

In early 2011, I helped someone to create a website with WordPress stating how easy it was to install plugins and themes to customize his website. He struggled so much as he didn’t know where to start, where to search, what to search and everything. The idea of “” being a “plugins development business” made a rough turn to “an app store for WordPress”. That way, the user would not have to leave their admin section to find everything he needs. The project was so much into me that I decided I would drop my job and focus 100% of my time on the project… and that’s what I did!

What is PlugPress and what can it do for WordPress users?

PlugPress is an app store for WordPress. The objective is to integrate free and premium content in the app store so that the website owner can choose the content he needs for his website. It’s all about giving the choice. There is a market but every developer goes “solo” it makes things harder for everyone.

On the other hand, it also enabled plugins and themes developers to concentrate on development and not on installation, distributing updates, managing payments and all other things not related to development.


Why should WordPress users use PlugPress instead of the built in theme and plugin installation system from WordPress?

Well, it’s not that they should not use the built-in system. The built-in system is only about free stuff. It may work for some users but if you’re like me, you want bugs to be removed and questions to be answered…. for yesterday. And this cannot be free! Unfortunately, when you are giving your time for free, people must understand you don’t “have to” do things that people ask you. You do it IF you want and WHEN you want. If you have a serious business, this kind of answer may not be an option. PlugPress was built so that you can choose what kind of service you want from the developers.

What new features will you be adding to PlugPress in 2012?

Right now, we only display free plugins and themes. Our objectives for 2012 is to integrate premium content with plugin and theme developers that do an awesome job out there but that are not always easy to find. We also want to add some WordPress related services. We have a lot of things to do and a big year ahead.

How would the introduction of a commercial plugin store on effect PlugPress?

That is a good question. Honestly, is all about free as in free beer and free speech. Despite the fact I can’t deny it would affect us, I just can’t see how it would fit the orientation of the project.

Thanks to Maxime Jobin for taking part in this interview. Visit PlugPress for more information about what the service can do for you.

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    Nice interview and interesting project. Thanks Kevin (and Maxime) I will definitely check out PlugPress.