One-on-One with Hermes Themes Founder Dumitru Brinzan: Part 3

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You didn’t think we’d go an entire interview with Hermes Themes Founder Dumitru Brinzan and not get down to the nitty-gritty of talking about WordPress themes, did you? The company, which specializes in themes for hotels, is a smaller shop, but still churns out some of the top themes available in its category. This week, the focus is on the bread and butter of Hermes Themes’ existence – the themes themselves. We’ll also dive into what it takes for a hotel to set up its website with the aid of Hermes Themes.

WPHub: Tell us about the structure of your company’s themes. How did you design them and what do they contain?

dumitru brinzanDumitru Brinzan: The structure of all of the themes we have follows recent studies and surveys in the industry: what tourists look for and what they need on a hotel’s website, for example. This is why all of our themes have contact information available prominently in the layout, a photo slideshow, and boxes with “featured pages,” which are there to put the spotlight on a hotel’s main pages, such as the spa and restaurant.

Also, all of our themes have custom page templates for testimonials, rooms and rates, photo galleries, booking forms, and attractions. Oh, and of course all themes by Hermes Themes are fully responsive, which is a must in this business. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are missing out on many potential clients.

The themes we have are built for quick loading and easy customization. SEO is an important part as well, so the themes are coded properly.

WPHub: How much support do you offer and how much support does a hotel really require?

Dumitru Brinzan: We offer to install WordPress for free, as well as our theme. We upload it, set it up, and add recommended plugins. The client only fills the website with their content and then they are ready to go live.

WPHub: Can you give us an example of working with a hotel to set up its website?

Dumitru Brinzan: The other day, we had a client with whom we exchanged about 15 emails in about three hours talking about advice, best practices, and future theme suggestions. A hotel will probably require quite a lot of support in the beginning while they get used to WordPress and some of the features they have access to. However, once the website is live, there shouldn’t be any major troubles, changes, or issues. It should be a smooth ride.

WPHub: Do you think it’s more optimal to survive in the WordPress industry nowadays with a general product or a niche product?

Dumitru Brinzan: It is definitely easier to survive in the general market. Some themes sell like hotcakes: portfolio themes, magazine themes, etc. There are thousands of them and all of them sell well.

But, in a niche like the one we are in, you can build something more unique and you don’t have to please everybody. You create a theme that will be used by 10, 20, or 50 websites, not by 5.000. So, surviving in a niche market is a challenge. It requires much more work, but it can be a bit more interesting. I think it is better to be the best at something rather than be average at five things.

WPHub: Next time out, we’ll talk about the WordPress industry in general. In the meantime, we’ll give you a taste of Brinzan’s response to the question, “Where do you see the WordPress industry going?” His sentiments: “My personal prediction is that WordPress-related companies will start charging more (and they should) for their products and services.” Uh oh. Look for Part 4 of our interview next Monday.

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