One-on-One with Hermes Themes Founder Dumitru Brinzan: Part 2

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If you don’t know by now, Hermes Themes specializes in providing WordPress themes and solutions for the hotel industry. The site has definitely carved out a niche for itself and its founder, Dumitru Brinzan, told us that he has been in the tourism and travel world for most of his professional career.

What happened? An epiphany occurred: “Mom and pop hotels that calculate and save every dollar should not end up in situations where they pay a few thousand dollars and wait a month to get [a website] that they have no control over.” Preach on! This week, we’ll talk about Brinzan’s passion for hotel websites and discuss the importance of word of mouth advertising.

WPHub: Why is a website so important in the hotel industry? We’ve heard that a significant chunk of reservations are made online, for example.

dumitru brinzanDumitru Brinzan: I have traveled a lot in the past couple of years and to be honest, it is incredibly annoying for a tourist not to be able to get the information he wants from a website. I’ve been in this situation many, many times: I find a nice hotel with a horrible website. The location is good, the price is good, and everything is good. But, when I see a website made in 1999, it really turns me off.

So, when I make my travel planning, I end up booking at hotels that have a decent website. That’s all I’m asking for: a decent website.

Our themes are priced at $199, which is much more than most other companies in the themes market. However, this is something different from magazine themes on ThemeForest that have 1,000 sales in a week, for example. Instead, this is a niche that has its own things to consider and its own context, so the users of our themes can be a bit less tech-savvy and require more guidance and support.

WPHub: How do you market yourself? It seems like you’d need to do a really good job of spreading the word about your services at Hermes Themes.

Dumitru Brinzan: Right now, we have PPC campaigns running on three different channels as well as our affiliate program. I have a couple of other crazy marketing ideas, but I will keep them locked up for now. I can’t do too much at the same time; then, you won’t be able to understand what is working and what is not.

WPHub: Talk about the success and importance of word of mouth advertising.

Dumitru Brinzan: I think word of mouth advertising should be very powerful in this niche, as I’ve seen many hotels ordering a website from a certain developer just because two other hotels in the same city also got websites from that developer. So, the developer probably knows what they’re doing.

Hotels are local businesses that all know about each other. If a competitor gets a new website, everybody else knows about it and will hopefully check out Hermes Themes to get one of their own.

WPHub: Talk about the number of themes you’ve developed, how they’re different from one another, and what features they offer that hotels should be excited about.

Dumitru Brinzan: At the moment, there are four themes Ambassador, Royal Chateau, Palazio, and Majestic. The Ambassador is the first theme, which has defined the content structure and features for the rest of the themes we offer. All of themes share most of the same widgets and features. Basically, if you have two of our themes, you can instantly switch from one theme to another without having to make any changes or adjustments.

WPHub: Next time out, we’ll dive into the product lineup at Hermes Themes and talk about the company’s structure. Visit for more details.

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