Integrate eBay into your Website with phpBay Pro for WordPress

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PHP Bay Pro is a premium WordPress plugin which insert highly targeted eBay auctions into your pages and posts. It’s a great way of showing related products to readers whilst earning commissions from the eBay Partner Network.

Below is an example of the HTML eBay display you can add to your content with PHP Bay Pro.

phpBay Pro for WordPress

The script has support for 15 different countries and has support for several languages too. The way items are listed can be customised in a lot of different ways. You can list items by postal code, by distance, by keywords, by country, by eBay category, by price and bid counts. Each item can be displayed with or without images too.

A WordPress sidebar widget is included so that you can list items in your sidebar as well as your main content area. The products can also be inserted directly into the middle of any page or post using shortcode.

Php Bay Pro for WordPress

PhpBay retails at $79. It is highly customisable and very easy to integrate into a website. Customers also get access to a member only support forum and get access to updates forever.


Link: phpBay Pro

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