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Most blogs show between 5 and 10 posts on their home page. If the visitor wants to read more of your content then they need to click on the ‘next page’ link. Infinite Scroll gives you an alternative to this by allowing users to view an endless number of posts on your site.

When the user scrolls to the bottom of your page, a new page is automatically generated and added to the bottom of the page. This allows the user to read hundreds or thousands of posts without having to load a new page.

Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugin

There are some obvious drawbacks to using this plugin. There is no way for the user to ‘opt out’ of this feature if they don’t like it, which means that your footer will probably never be shown to users.

Although the time a visitor will spend on the home page will greatly increase, the time spent on category pages will greatly decrease. This means that page impressions will drop (which advertisers won’t be pleased about).

However, from my own point of view, it would make reading my favourite blogs much easier, particularly those with short posts.


Download: Infinite Scroll

Comments (3)

  • Comment by ThisIsWhyImBroke

    I’m using the plugin and I like it, but it needs to have the option to have a button the user presses instead of automatically loading more content. Just as you said, the footer is pretty much unreachable in this setup.

  • Comment by SD

    Maybe with a fixed footer with some jscript on the footer to fold it open or something it could be quite nice.

  • Comment by Technonesia

    Perhaps this plugin would be useful for new bloggers whose blogs do not have plenty of contents yet.