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SEO Friendly Images

When working hard to create a good product, you want to get the word out on it, see what other people think and get them involved. One easy way to attract new visitors to a website is improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO can be improved in a number of ways, one of them being by adding alt and title attributes to site images. However, if you’re rushing through a post or focusing on another aspect, it can be easy to overlook the step of including alt and title. SEO Friendly Images is a free WordPress plugin that automatically adds alt and title attributes to all of your images so you don’t have to! This improves site traffic from search engines and brings in new viewers!

Installing “SEO Friendly Images”

To get SEO Friendly Images head over to the WordPress Plugin Directory and download Version 2.7.3 of SEO Friendly Images. To install SEO Friendly Images, go to your WordPress Admin, then to Plugins, Add New, Upload and installed the zipped file. After a short bit the plugin will be installed. Activate the plugin and you will be ready to get going!

SEO Friendly Images

Notice that SEO Friendly Images is now included in your Settings.

SEO Friendly Images

Configuring and Implementing “SEO Friendly Images”

SEO Friendly Images is easy to put into use. Once you’ve gone to the plugin page under Settings, see a list of the options for automatic image title and alt. SEO Friendly Images offers four text options: %title, %name, %category and %tags. These options can be mixed and matched and entered into the fields.

SEO Friendly Images

Choose from the above options and insert them into the ALT attribute and TITLE attribute. Select whether you want to override default WordPress images alt tag and/or override default WordPress image title. Save/update your preferences and this plugin will be running!

SEO Friendly Images

In Conclusion

SEO Friendly Images is a fantastic tool for improving SEO and once you set it up, it really takes care of itself. This free plugin can be downloaded here.

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  • Comment by Daniel

    Great plugin. I will be using this when I add my blog to my website and SEO company in Milton Keynes.

  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    This plugin is compatible for WordPress up to 3.5.2 sorry:(

    – Michael

  • Comment by Free Online Games
    Free Online Games

    Thanks for this just what I needed to know.. But does this plugin still work on the new wordpress? Everyone says it does nothing!