Improve your Readers Mobile Experience with WP Touch

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There are a lot of plugins available which make reading your blog a more pleasant experience for your readers. One of my favourites is a plugin from Brave New Code called WP Touch. The application was designed specifically for mobile devices with touch screens such as the iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry Storm, and phones which use Googles Android operating system.

Not only is this plugin free, it also gives you a huge amount of control over how your content is displayed.

WP Touch Settings

In the general settings area you can shorten the title of your site. This is useful if your main site has a long site as it will stop the title being truncated.

You can also use the post thumbnail option from WP 2.9+ for post listings.

WP Touch General Settings

There is also an option to add categories, tags and a search bar in the header; and gravatars can be switched off in the comments area too.

WP Touch Advanced Settings

There are 6 backgrounds and 7 different fonts to choose from. The text and link colours can also be changed.

WP Touch Styling Options

Whilst there are 36 icons available for users to save your site, the only ones which seem relevant to me are the RSS and WordPress icons. Thankfully, you can easily upload your own unique icon.

WP Touch Icons

WP Touch Menu Items

WP Touch also allows you to make a little extra money by adding Google Adsense to your posts.

WP Touch Adsense Options

The plugin works perfectly with plugins such as FlickrRSS and WP Spam Free. Other plugins, such as WP Super Cache and Share This, are supported too, however they require a little configuration.

WP Touch Plugin Support

Mobile Experience

It may appear that you have to spend a lot of time configuring this plugin but it actually works great right out of the box. I would recommend installing the plugin first and viewing it on a mobile device and then tweaking your mobile site in the settings area to suit your needs.

Here is a preview of what your site will look like on a touch screen mobile phone (I currently use the BlackBerry 9700. Unfortunately this phone isn’t touchscreen so I was unable to show you WP Mods in action):

Example of WP Touch in action


If you are looking for a way to improve your readers mobile experience, I recommend trying WP Touch out. It boasts a lot of great features, is easy to set up, and won’t cost you a penny.

My only criticism of this plugin is that those who don’t have a touch screen phone cannot see how their site is viewed on a mobile. It would be useful to have a preview option in order to see how the changes in certain settings affect your site on a mobile phone (I’ve seen another plugin offer this).

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Good luck,