Import Users To WordPress Using Only Email Addresses

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The default version of WordPress comes with a range of import tools which let you import users from other WordPress powered sites and a range of blogging scripts. Last week Teleogistic released a new plugin called Simple Import Users which lets you import new users using only email addresses.

You can enter an infinite number of emails into the form. A user will then be created for each email address using the first part of the email address (e.g. [email protected] would create the user test).

You can also set the user role for each imported user and a welcome email is also sent to every new user (and includes a link to the users BuddyPress profile if it is installed).

Simple Import Users WordPress Plugin

I don’t have a need for using this plugin however I can see how useful this could be for others. It was specifically developed for a College to import users using the email list they had for students so organisations and companies would no doubt see the similar benefits.

Download Link: Simple Import Users

* Kudos to Teleogistic for releasing another great plugin :)

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  • Comment by George Serradinho
    George Serradinho

    Wow, this could be a neat plugin for a selected few. I doubt I would ever use this plugin, but it could be nice to know it exists.