Create Unlimited Page Templates with Impact Page Builder

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Impact Page Builder is a premium plugin for WordPress which lets you easily create an unlimited number of page templates.

The plugin can activated on any page or post that you choose. This essentially means that you can customise your site so that every page on it looks completely different.

It works in a similar way to theme frameworks such as Thesis and Headway. Up to 15 widgets can be added to a page template and custom hooks can be added to so that HTML, CSS and Javascript can be entered.

Although the plugin does work with posts and pages, it’s clear that this script would be more useful to those who use WordPress to create mini sites and other content type websites rather than bloggers.

Impact Page Builder retails at $49 for a single license and $88 for unlimited usage. You can pay the $39 difference in price to upgrade from the single to the unlimited license so if you are unsure, go with the single license.


Download & Info: Impact Page Builder