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Premium WordPress template company WooThemes recently launched its latest commercial product in the form of a fully responsive theme called “Hustle” which is currently available to the general public. Deemed as a “jack of all trades” product, the new release operates under the WooCommerce management system that has become a staple in the industry by providing a hassle-free experience for customers who visit online retail sites.

Hustle is designed by Cobus Bester, who is also responsible for the company’s popular “Shelflife” template that was created earlier this year. The official blog post states that “Hustle has plenty of white space to help focus a user’s attention on your content, and with circular placeholders for your post imagery it really adds a level of polish to your post displays.

Hustle WordPress Theme by WooThemes

We continue to emphasis the quest we are on at WooThemes- to add heaps of functionality to all our new themes via plugins, rather than bundled in the theme itself. This allows you the option to have a super lean and lightly-coded theme, or add further power under the bonnet by enabling our plugins. The theme provides perfect styling for the plugins, tailored specifically to the theme.”

Featured Content Slider

The Hustle theme comes standard with a featured content slider that is highly versatile in the way it can be used. Unlike most product demos, the module will be found further down the homepage (but can be configured to appear anywhere). You can use the slider to generate buzz about your services and even to post multimedia content if you wish. There are both circular and arrow-shaped icons within this tool that let front-end users manually manipulate the entries to their liking.

Hustle Featured Slider

The Features And Testimonials plugin is also included in the download, which gives you or your webmaster and excellent chance to promote your firm or online point of sale directly from the homepage. Features are laid out in three columns and offer icons, titles and text.

Testimonials are supported by “quote” icons at the top and followed by the corresponding text with a circular, tiny thumbnail image at the bottom that displays who is making the recommendation. There is ample room to provide links.

Hustle Testimonials

Merchandise Sales

Of course, Hustle wouldn’t be a full-fledged WooThemes template without its WooCommerce Management System that has replaced the old WooMembers administration tool. LightBox effects ensure that any item being moused-over on the Shop page (which is laid out in four columns) catches the eye of your customer by displaying additional information such as price, full description and purchase option.

Hustle Shop Page

Online retail sites have become an industry mainstream feature over the past few years and WooThemes has played an important role in the transition. There are also plenty of plugins that can be utilized to enhance your website’s performance by adding functionality such as payment processor access; giving clients as many methods as possible to make instant payments.

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WooThemes Co-Founder Mark Forrester opined in his blog post that Hustle “A unique homepage design includes a neat introductory message with an optional background image, a featured slider, support and styling for our Testimonials and Features plugins, and then, of course, the ability to enable shopping facilities via our WooCommerce plugin. All of these plugins can be enabled/disabled and placed in any order, if you’d like to customise the order, thanks to the widgetized homepage.”

This theme is 100% responsive to give smart phone and tablet computer customers a reason to keep coming back to your site, plus it is compatible with WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” and offers complete localization. It will function properly on all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

There is also a separate, dedicated blog page that will allow website owners to post news stories or company updates as often as needed.

To find out more about the Hustle WordPress theme, click on the following link to view the official demo page.

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  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Hi Payton,

    You should contact WooThemes support. Here is their link:

    – Michael

  • Comment by Payton

    Hi there, I have a problem with the theme and I need some help from someone. The featured products of my site say they are free but in the shop the have the actual price.

  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Hi Kelly,

    Good catch. Maybe they are planning to phase out ‘The Morning After’ theme or someone over there messed up. We’ll try to find out what the deal is with that.

  • Comment by Keely

    Always great to hear about new themes.

    Like the way their theme The Morning After … goes to this new theme Hustle … are they trying to hustle us or are they just having a morning after ….