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Sometimes it’s a bad idea to throw your readers right into the fray and expect them to find their way. Especially if your blog publications are in a properly ordered series, it might be a bad idea to link visitors directly to the recent posts page.

WordPress automatically defaults to the recent posts page as the front page for any WordPress enabled site. But it is possible to define a completely separate front page for visitors to land on.

This is confirmed working on WordPress version 3.0 and above, older versions untested.

Create Some New Pages

Before selecting a new page for WordPress to direct visitors to, they must first be created.

Make sure you’re logged in to WordPress with an “admin” account and then navigate to the “Pages” menu. Create a new page and call it whatever you want, but make sure you can distinguish it as the front page.

For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to call our new page “The Landing Page”.

After the page has been created implement the content you want your visitors to see (instead of recent posts) and then publish the page so it’s visible to the public.

Now create a second page and label this one “Recent Posts”. There is no need to enter in website content for this page, just publish it when finished.

Select Your New Front Page

To select the new custom page as the default landing page navigate to the “Reading” panel under the “Settings” tab. At the very top of the options listing in the Reading panel there is an option menu labeled “Front Page Displays”. This is the panel where we will select our new front page.

Custom Front Page Settings

Select the option listed “A Static Page” and in the first dropdown menu (“Front Page”) choose the page you created to be the new default home page. In the case of this tutorial we would select “The Landing Page”.

In the second dropdown menu (“Posts Page”) select the second page we created labeled “Recent Posts”; as this will be our new published posts WordPress page.

All done! Make sure to save the changes and go check out your new blog home page!

NOTE: Because we selected the “Posts Page” to be the new recent posts page by default in the “Reading” menu WordPress will override any HTML code or content entered in the page edit menu.

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