How To Quickly Remove Inactive Widgets

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WordPress has been improved so much in the last year that may be wondering what else they can tweak. One area where they could make a tiny improvement is the inactive widget area. By default you need to click on every widget in the inactive widget area and delete it manually. If you change widgets frequently then you probably move widgets back and fourth from your widget zones to the inactive widgets section.

If you later decide to delete all of your inactive widgets then you may want to consider installing the Remove Inactive Widgets plugin from Kenzo Media. The plugin adds a small button to your inactive widgets area that allows you to remove all of your inactive widgets at the click of a button.

Remove Inactive Widgets

Clicking on the remove button removes all inactive widgets instantly!

Remove Inactive Widgets

Remove Inactive Widgets is a simple plugin but it’s practical and should arguably be included in the default version of WordPress. Granted, removing inactive widgets doesn’t currently take a long time, however it’s little tweaks like this that allow WordPress to evolve and make publishing content on the web easier and easier as time goes by.


Link: Remove Inactive Widgets