How-to Make Beautiful CSS3 Buttons With Max Buttons

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Max Buttons is a plugin produced by MaxFoundry that enables you to create custom CSS3 buttons without having to know CSS yourself. Instead, you use their plugin to create the visual button, and then implement it with a shortcode. Which if you’re like me is really good news because I’m not a developer. I don’t know a lot of code and so stuff like this becomes much easier and infinitely quicker when enabled through a plugin. So today I’m going to show you how to use the Max Buttons plugin to create some awesome looking CSS3 buttons.

Step 1: Installation

So first things first. Go to the Plugins Directory and download the Max Buttons plugin. Once you’ve got the plugin’s zip folder, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload (in your WordPress Admin) and install the plugin. After it’s installed, go ahead and activate it.


Once it’s activated you’ll see a new menu on your sidebar called Max Buttons.


Step 2: Make a Button

Ok, lets make a beautiful button! Go ahead and click on that new menu in your side bar and it will take you this page.


Click on the add new button and you’ll be brought to the place where all the magic happens.


After you’re on this screen it’s really just a matter of fill in the blank. Start by filling in the name, description, URL, and then the actual text that will appear on the button. Like so.


After you’re done with that you’ll have the ability to change the adjust the font, text style, border style, button coloring, and how it will fit into the page or post you’re going to insert it into. I chose to keep just about everything on default while focusing on making sure the colors match my theme.


After you get the colors just right, scroll back to the top and click Save. Then you’ll have a nice button in your button list with a shortcode just waiting to be used.


Step 3: Implementation

So in my example I have a project page on my blog that I want people to get involved with. Instead of just having linked text I thought a Max Button would be a much better option and convert more readers to participants.


In order to put your brand new button where you want it, all you have to do is copy the shortcode next to it in the button list and then paste it in place of your previously linked text.


Final Thought

Max Buttons is a really nice plugin for those of us who don’t want to or don’t know how to bust out the coding usually required to create these types of CSS buttons. I’d recommend the free or pro version.

Download Max Buttons (free)

Download Max Buttons Pro ($10)