How Many WordPress Themes Do You Use? (POLL)

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Here at, we’ve published hundreds of WordPress themes reviews from over two dozen companies that specialize in developing premium products for immediate download and usage. We’ve noticed that our readers tend to have varying needs when it comes to themes, especially when it comes down to how many themes are used.

Do you happen to be an individual who has one domain where a personal blog is maintained? If so, then you may use only a single WordPress theme to handle the duties of content organization and back-end Control Panel functionality. On the other hand, you could be a reader who owns or works on the team of a company with multiple clients, in which case you’ve probably downloaded and tried out dozens of themes to see which ones are best suited for your clients’ needs. You could also be the owner of several domains – all of which have different needs when it comes to theme customization, maintenance, and site concept.

Premium Themes Reduce Expenses

Regardless of whether you have one site or many, the premium theme market is booming and shows few signs of slowing down in the near future. Every day there are people around the globe who discover for the first time that they can purchase a premium theme or two (normally for under $100) and reduce their programming costs significantly – sometimes by 95% or more – simply because they do not have to invest in creating a product from scratch.

Any custom configuration that does take place within a premium theme can often be performed with minimal coding work, and having a pre-paid template available from the get go allows website owners or designers to immediately spot areas which they are not happy with and wish to improve upon on adjust.

Highly Popular Themes

Take the all-time most popular themes marketed on for example. The Avada and U-Design themes combined for over 600 sales last week alone. The responsive Avada theme garnered 377 sales at a price of $40, or just over $15,000. U-Design had 232 sales orders last week according the ThemeForest, which amounts to $11,600 in weekly purchases at a price of $50. What’s even more impressive however, is that U-Design has an all-time total of 21,354 sales – which translates into $1,067,700 in sales just for one theme!

U Design Theme Features

In case, you’re wondering, U-Design is in fact the most sought after WordPress theme on ThemeForest, but there are other premium themes that have been purchased more than 12,000 times; not to mention the King Size download that has a total of 9,037 sales at a price of $50 – or $451,850 in overall revenue generated.

King Size Theme Details

Lower Programming Costs Equal Greater Content Budgets

With so many individuals and companies coming around to the idea of purchasing premium themes and WordPress plugins for their sites, content accumulation budgets have risen; as online businessmen and women are able to allot a healthier percentage of their overall expenses toward the generation of high quality content instead of having to pay a development team to create several unique website grid layouts from zero.

Imagine how much money can be saved by firms who have traditionally relied on a large, full time development team to design website layouts from nothing and then maintain/update those systems routinely in order to ensure a smooth front-end experience. When “x-Company” decides to invest in premium WordPress themes, they’ve guaranteed themselves lifetime support in many cases on products that have been proven to function properly on today’s popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Netscape.

Plus, it doesn’t require a programming guru to go in and make major changes to the site’s color scheme, layout, link preferences, advertisement banners, etc. – since all of this can be achieved without ever touching a line of code due to the user-friendly Control Panel systems that come with most packages.

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