How Long Have You Been Using WordPress? (Poll)

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If we go down the proverbial “memory lane,” many of us who now incorporate WordPress usage into our daily lives can remember a time when we had a ton of ideas ready for online publication; but lacked knowledge on how to make the transition from word processing to the online realm. I can still remember a couple of decades ago when the company I worked for began using electronic mail, and how quickly it caught on – replacing our traditional “wait at the ‘hi-tech’ copy machine for a fax” method of official corporate communication that prompted secretaries at the firm to move the coffee dispenser into the fax office. Granted, there were a slew of hiccups (disconnection issues and that horrendous dial-up process for example) that came with “surfing the Internet,” but it was clear by the turn of the century that the future of global business would take us online.

At the time, finding a reliable programmer to provide a consistent means of uploading data to an actual website and maintain it was a significant challenge to say the least. Block text, faulty HTML code, out of place modules, restricted functionality and frustration were the norm, and it seemed like it would take FOREVER for the online marketing concept to obtain a solid foothold and begin sprouting the fruits of success. Even by the time the dot-com bubble burst, a major change in the overall attitude of how information could be relayed had changed, but it may not have been until front-end users began using sites like Google as their one-stop encyclopedia that the pieces of the puzzle finally began to form a cohesive shape.

Official WordPress Launch

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On May 27, 2003, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little released WordPress 0.70 amid little fanfare. In fact, b2/cafelog was only being utilized on approximately 2,000 blogs worldwide according to Wikipedia. Today, WordPress has received well over 70 million downloads and is used on approximately 25% of all websites. The frustrating days of the past have been replaced by a thriving WordPress Theme Catalog and WordPress Plugin Archive market that has seen thousands of top-notch developers resolve issues almost as quickly as users can identify them.

WordPress Resources

The amount of information that is currently available and circulated daily within the WordPress Community is staggering. Regardless of where you’re located on the globe, resources are readily available – in real time – to assist you with any number of tasks ranging from troubleshooting to website monetization. The so-called “tricks of the trade” have quickly morphed into specific databases that can be openly accessed and improved; giving WordPress users more time to focus on revenue and content generation, personnel management, logistics and New Business.

Although the WordPress platform was originally designed for blogging, there’s almost no limit on what you can use a WP site for these days. Need a pre-designed niche theme to market your photography work and showcase it to the world? No problem! How about a product that will notify fans of your band’s upcoming tour dates and let them sample newly released album cuts? Done! Are you looking for a way to generate buzz for the local properties in your real estate portflio that are currently available for rent? If so, there are hundreds of WordPress themes that use Google Maps, easy-to-use Search capabilities, and attractive layouts to give you an edge over the competition. You can use a WordPress site for events, restaurants, personal blogs, e-Commerce, education, weddings, and much, much more.

This Week’s WPHub Poll

This brings us to this week’s poll question. How long have you been using WordPress? Are you one of a growing number of gurus who counts him/herself among the WordPress elite? Or perhaps you’ve only recently discovered some of the benefits that can be obtained by going online with your own WordPress site?

Please take a few moments to participate in our poll below, and feel free to make any comments!

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