Get Up To Date WordPress Bug Fixes With Hotfix

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If you like to keep your WordPress site up to date all the time but don’t like waiting months for core releases, you may want to check out Hotfix. Released last February by WordPress lead developer Mark Jaquith, the plugin provides unofficial fixes for selected WordPress bugs. As the plugin was developed by the WordPress development team, I wouldn’t worry too much about the ‘unofficial’ status.

There are no settings to modify, all you have to do is activate the plugin and make sure that you update it whenever a new version is released. The last time the plugin was updated was 16 December 2011. That addressed two bugs; one that prevented plugin and theme styles from bleeding into the dashboard and a workaround for a bug that affected those without built-in JSON support. Both of these bugs were late released into the core release of WordPress 3.3.1 on 3 January 2012.

If you want to ensure your WordPress installation is always update, I recommend installing Hotfix in order to get bug fixes a few weeks before they are released in core verions. Just remember to always update the plugin when a new version is available :)


Link: Hotfix