The Home Page Slug Problem Has Been Addressed in WordPress 3.0

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Last week I spent a lot of time getting to know WordPress 3.0 and the new default theme Twenty Ten. Whilst working with WP 3.0 I noticed that a small problem which used to exist in WordPress has been addressed.

In previous versions of WordPress there was a small problem which occurred when you used a page for the home page of your site where the page slug would be added to the title. For example, if you created a page called Home and set it as your home page it would create a page called even if you set it as the home page.

It would also add another home link to the the nav bar so you would have to then manually exclude it by editing your header.php template or using an exclude plugin.

This has been addressed in WordPress 3.0. When you set a page as the home page it does not get a page slug and is not added to the nav menu either (since it is already linked there with the home page link). So if you set your about page as your home page the page slug will be rather than

It’s great to see small problems like this being fixed.No doubt there are dozens of small fixes like this.

Do you know of any other small problems which have been corrected in WordPress 3.0?