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At the end of last year I took a look at the third version of the Headway Framework. I used Headway 2 on a few content websites I run so I was really keen to see how they improved it.

I wasn’t too happy with many of the changes that were implemented as I felt they overcomplicated things. As all with frameworks, there is a learning curve involved, and you only get the most from the framework once you invest time into using it. Therefore I am not really in a position to talk explicitly about the strengths and weaknesses of the framework.

One thing that may persuade me to give Headway 3 another try is their brand new marketplace. This was something that Headway had envisioned for their framework from the start of Headway 3 though it was only launched two days ago. The marketplace, known as Headway Extend, will support official and third party themes and blocks (blocks are essentially plugins for the Headway Framework).

Marketplace Themes

Three official themes are currently available in the marketplace. In my opinion none of them show off the potential of Headway and look quite basic. Luxury is a simple two column blogging theme that looks quite dated.

Luxury WordPress Theme

Daily Bulletin is my favourite of the three. It is a good looking three column design that places follow and subscription links to the left and right of the site logo.

Daily Bulletin WordPress Theme

Backdrop has much the same design as Luxury though the background image can be seen through the content blocks.

Backdrop WordPress Theme

The three official themes retail for $29. Apparently, since I own a Headway developer license owner, I have three credits to use in the marketplace. Each credit allows me to download one official theme. There is no indication as to what third party themes will cost when they are released. Prices could be set by Headway or they may be allowed to set their own prices (I would assume that Headway will have some say in the matter though).

Headway Credits

Marketplace Blocks

Four blocks are currently available in the marketplace and all of them were developed by third party developers. All blocks currently retail for $25.

ExcerptsPlus lets you add excerpt displays, featured sliders and more.


GalleryPlus lets you add photo carousels, sliders, grids, accordions and more.


TabsPlus lets you add horizontal and vertical tab content areas, tabbed widgets, thumbs in tabs and much more.


HeaderPlus lets you improve your header with rotating images, panoramas, title formatting and more.


The third party blocks all seem to be priced competitively though the argument could be made that some of these features should be added to the core version of Headway itself.


Headway Extend only has three official themes and four blocks from third party developers. If Headway can encourage more developers to design themes and blocks for Headway then we may see a lot of WordPress users choose Headway instead of alternatives such as Thesis. At the moment Headway is still seen by many as the visual WordPress framework. That won’t change but by adding more functionality through blocks and themes they make it a good option for intermediate to experienced WordPress users too.

I recommend reading the official announcement regarding the marketplace for more information :)

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

     @GrantGriffiths Thanks for dropping by and clarifying this Grant. I was tempted to use one of my credits for this announcement but I’m going to wait to see what other themes are available before using my credits :)

  • Comment by GrantGriffiths

    Hey Kevin, thanks for the post about our new Headway Extend.  One thing to keep in mind with child themes we build for Headway, they are what we call grid ready. While you state the child theme might be a simple 2 column blog look.  With the visual editor in Headway, you can quickly change that layout to whatever you want. Plus you are not tied to the layouts selected for you by the theme developer.  Just add Headway blocks here and how you want and you have the layout you want.  
    We will be aggressively adding to the inventory on a regular basis and would love any input or request for both child themes and blocks. 
    Thanks again.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Thanks Krzysiek :)

  • Comment by Krzysiek Hoja
    Krzysiek Hoja

    It’s good to see you back writing:)