Happy Birthday WordPress

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A few hours ago Matt Mullenweg announced that today (* well yesterday for us Europeans!) was exactly 7 years after the first release of WordPress. Whilst there were lots of great Content Management Systems before WordPress, it’s WordPress who has set the standard over the last 4 or 5 years. And they really deserve a lot of kudos for that.

I first created websites in HTML using notepad. This meant that if you made one small change in your header you would need to copy it to 50 or more files. It was both excruciatingly boring and time consuming. The arrival of server side includes and Content Management Systems like PHP Nuke allowed webmasters to spend more time writing content rather than editing the websites the content was on.

Blogs were first established in the late 90s however they didn’t become mainstream until a few years later. 2003 in particular was a big year for blogging. Not only was it the year that future Twitter creator Evan Williams sold Blogger to Google, it was also the year Matt created WordPress (as a fork from the b2 blogging script).

In the beginning blogging platforms were kind of limited in what you could and could not do. Though as time went on the functionality of WordPress (and some other platforms) progressed at an extraordinary speed. WordPress had not just caught up with established CMS scripts, it had overtook them it in many areas.

Fast forward to today and WordPress is being used by the vast majority of bloggers. It is also being used as a CMS by designers all around the world. I believe this is a testimony to how easy the script is to use and how flexible it is.

With the imminent release of WordPress 3.0, I have no doubt that the next few months are going to be huge for the WordPress community.

Happy birthday WordPress. You make my life, and millions of others around the world, a helluva lot easier :)

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