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Today we introduce you to Gridnotez, a gorgeous and free two-column WordPress theme created by


Gridnotez is a powerful and feature rich theme, that reeks of elegance and beauty with a touch of the ‘funky’ element. Whether or not this theme appeals to everyone is yet to be seen, but hardly anyone can remain untouched by its good looks.

Speaking of looks, Gridnotez is modelled around a magazine layout with post excerpts and a slider on the Home Page. Yet, it probably will not appeal to many magazine type website or blogs, owing to its casual appeal (the color scheme, though eye pleasing, is not very customizable and, if put bluntly, is not the most reader friendly one either).

Gridnotez Theme Preview
Gridnotez Theme Preview

Major Features:

On the very basic level, Gridnotez supports threaded comments, built-in page navigation, derivation of auto excerpts from posts and cross-browser compatibility. The theme’s home page says it has been tested on “older versions” of WordPress as well, but doesn’t quite specify which older versions! I personally tested the theme on the latest version only, and it worked without any problem or issue whatsoever.

So, with the small talk done, let us delve deeper in the theme’s features. Generally, with such ‘eye candy’ themes, you’re often left bereft of many features. However, Gridnotez doesn’t essentially do that. It comes with a Featured Posts slider that can display up to 5 posts from a selected category of your choice. Again, the limit of ‘five’ Featured Posts might work for smaller personal blogs, but it will not suffice for most magazine blogs. It also comes with a Related Posts feature already built in that suggests posts to readers that might be related to the one they are currently viewing. Auto thumbnail is also a handy feature, and that too with the resizing ability which automatically grabs a scaled down version of the first image in any post to serve as the thumbnail. Social bookmarking and sharing buttons for popular sites such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter and Facebook are displayed at the end of each post.

There is also a Latest Tweets feature right next to the header itself, which displays the tweets in a bubble box. Sadly, the Twitter component is not supplemented by a similar mechanism for the user’s Facebook account/Page. The theme also supports an adspace in the Sidebar, sized 300×250.

Coming to customizability, the Theme Options page doesn’t let you do much. You can specify the Featured Category for the slider, your Twitter username for latest tweets, the URL and other details for your Sidebar banner ad. That’s it.

Theme Options page in Gridnotez
Theme Options page in Gridnotez


Well, as you must’ve guessed by now, Gridnotez, though resembling a magazine layout theme, is clearly meant for the personal blogs. It doesn’t let you do much in terms of customizability, though many people will not mind the lack of modifications, simply because the theme itself looks gorgeous by default. If you like the way it looks, and are looking for an easy to maintain yet eye catching theme for your blog, Gridnotez will definitely serve your purpose.

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