Google To Launch External Commenting System

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Google are set to launch their own third party commenting system, presumably to rival Facebook comments and encourage people to use Google+ more. When you take into consideration that most people of a Google account (be it for mail, docs,youtube or whatever), I have no doubt that any commenting system they introduce will be popular.

Tech WD reported that (translated by Google):

The piece of information and Salta, but has not been confirmed is that Google will launch a system of feedback to sites with the same system Comments Facebook, and more likely that the system is linked in whole network, Google Social will be cataloging these comments in the search engine Google, which increases the demand on the sites as well as network google social.

If you don’t like using the WordPress commenting system, whether it be to a problem with spam or a lack of features, there is 4 main choices available to you at the moment: Disqus, Livefyre, Intense Debate and Facebook comments. I’m sure Google will get their commenting system right. It will have great social media integration, allow you to sign in using different services and undoubtedly Google+ will be built into the system in some way.

Would you switch to a Google commenting system? If so, why?


Link: Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook

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  • Comment by nwlinux

    I have tried Disqus and IntenseDebate – both slow down my page loads quite a bit. If Google can create a lightning fast commenting system, I might give comment systems another go.

  • Comment by philsimon

    It’s amazing how fast Facebook has seized control here. Remember when Google was trailblazing?

  • Comment by Junaid Ahmed
    Junaid Ahmed

    just like facebook comments?