GamingZone Shows Maturity Of WordPress Niche Themes

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The recent release of the Wii U video game console combined with the upcoming commercial launch of both the XBOX 720 and PlayStation 4 has caused an uprising of sorts when it comes to video game industry websites. The reason for this is that video games in themselves account for a massive amount of worldwide revenue and have recently been revolutionized to include decreased difficulty settings that are more compatible with non-hardcore gamers. The new GamingZone WordPress Theme by Magazine3 displays the true 2013 potential of such websites, as well as just how far pre-designed templates have come in a few short years.

Niche Themes For WordPress

GamingZone Responsive Layout

In previous articles and reviews, I’ve made no secret of the fact that niche themes hit a soft spot personally for me, as it wasn’t too long ago when successfully maintaining a website that included a customized design entailed thousands of hours of programming work along with $10,000+ in annual budget allowance for technical issues alone.

This has all been changed with the invention of premium WordPress themes, as there are now dozens of high quality marketplaces that specialize in platforms for e-Commerce, video games, restaurants, weddings, real estate and much more.

GamingZone Features

There are plenty of updated features that come included with the GamingZone premium theme, including custom thumbnail type along with a responsive design. Mobile device and tablet computer users (a growing segment among video game fans) will have no difficulties navigating a website that runs off of this theme due to the fact that content will re-size in order to fit each individual screen.

Thanks to the easy to use Control Panel, even the most inexperienced webmasters can get the hang of uploading content and managing a website in a very short period of time. This is because GamingZone requires no code manipulation on the website owner’s behalf – everything has been pre-packaged to function as soon as the software is downloaded and activated.

GamingZone Features List

Built-in SEO options are another great reason to check out the new GamingZone theme, as maximizing keyword searches to gain extra traffic can often make or break a website; especially in such a competitive niche market. If you have dedicated sponsors to your news stories, sales pages and reviews, then this theme will allow you to easily insert banners in several regions on pages and alongside specific posts in order to grant advertisers the impressions they desire.

GamingZone Homepage

New readers will immediately notice the featured content slider that can be used to accentuate your most important content and attract the attention of gamers by displaying screenshots of upcoming releases, industry news and more.

GamingZone Homepage

All you need to do is ensure that your images are of sufficient quality and insert the title, description and content of your choice. The slider will do the rest of the work and can be configured to automatically rotate features entries without any prompting from the front-end. If readers wish to manually scroll through the slides, they may do so via the small circular icons near the bottom of the module.

Custom Page Templates

If you would like to publish an independent blog feed for your website, you can do so by simply designating a page as a “Blog” within the right-hand WordPress menu whenever creating or editing a page. The news stories are formatted in a single column with thumbnail images, a title, text excerpt, publication date, and Read More button.

GamingZone Blog Feed

There are loads of widgetized regions through the theme that can be used for granting one click access to recent posts/comments, sponsors, social media feeds, news categories and more within the homepage or the sidebars.

GamingZone Sidebar

Simply put, GamingZone is a powerful video game WordPress theme that is ideal for review sites. The theme itself comes with a $49 price tag, localization, browser compatibility and full support. To see an example of how this theme looks in action, visit the GamingZone Demo Page.