Future Competitions On WP Mods

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One month ago I announced a domain giveaway competition on our Facebook page. The previous competition on Facebook proved to be very popular. This did too but for some strange reason, more than half the people who won prizes didn’t claim their prize.

I guess this is in part due to how easy it is to like the status of a post on Facebook. People are likely to click the like button for a competition but then forget to check to see if they won.

I still want to host more competitions through WP Mods for readers so moving forward we will be giving prizes out in a variety of ways. Whilst we may still have Facebook competitions from time to time, I am keen to offer prizes in other ways. Particularly directly to our newsletter subscribers though we may offer prizes directly through the comment area too.

In a day or so we will be offering two licenses for a great plugin that I’m sure you will all love so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Thanks for your time :)