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If you’ve ever felt that editing your blog content is time-consuming and inconvenient, then you’ve probably never heard of the Front-end Editor WordPress plugin. This plugin is so useful that you’ll probably wonder how you’ve ever lived without it. With Front-end Editor, you can edit any of your blog content right from its respective page on your blog, without having to go to the dashboard.

With the ability to edit content, titles, widgets, and more inline, you save yourself time and it’s just a quicker process. So whether you need to correct a simple typo, add an additional image, or change something in a widget, Front-end Editor can help.

Plugin Settings

Front-end Editor WordPress plugin settings.Front-end Editor has a few setting options that you may want to change before using. You’ll find the sub-menu under the Settings menu.

First, you can pick which fields you’ll be able to edit from the front-end of your blog. For posts fields you can enable/disable editing of: title, content, excerpt, custom fields, thumbnail, categories, tags, and terms.

For other fields you can enable/disable editing of: text widget title, text widget content, other widgets, comment text, category title, tag title, term title, term description, author description, site title and description (disabled by default), site options, and theme images.

Additionally, you can choose to enable the WYSIWYG editor, and edit all post fields at once (instead of separately). So basically, there’s not much-needed to be changed in settings, since out of the box it has the best options enabled.

Front-end Editing

Now comes the fun part. This plugin makes editing anything on your blog a breeze. Anything that can be edited will display an “Edit” link on the side when you scroll your mouse over it.

Editing post titles with Front-end Editor.

When you click on Edit, and if you have the WYSIWYG editor enabled, you’ll see a small rich-text editor bar that moves down the page with you. You’ll also be able to click within your text and change anything as needed. The bar lets you add formatting like bold text and headers, and is also great for inserting links, lists, and images right into your content.

Editing content with the Front-end Editor WordPress plugin.

So as you can see, this is a huge convenience. If you see something that needs to be added or edited, you don’t have to go to the dashboard, you can edit from right wherever you are on your blog.

Edit your blog widgets on your homepage with Front-end Editor.

The ability to edit widgets right from the blog sidebar is pretty amazing as well. Once you click on edit (for a widget) the widget options are auto-magically displayed right in the sidebar for you to customize. You can then edit, save, and view changes all in the same place! No more editing in the dashboard then going to the blog to see the changes. What a huge time-saver.

Final Thoughts

While I do love this plugin, I really suggest that you be very careful with it. I tried it on my regular blog (as opposed to my test blog) because I thought that this would be a great functionality to have. However, it seemed to really mess up my thumbnails and caused some coding to appear next to each post thumbnail. It also broke my Featured post slider because of its thumbnail malfunction.

Thumbnail Coding Malfunction from Front-end Editor WordPress plugin.

I’m not sure if it’s my specific blog theme, or the plugin itself  that is causing the trouble. Looking closer at the source code, it appears that the plugin adds in some weird alt and title tags to my post thumbnails.

This is what I saw:

<img src=&rdquo;http://image.png&rdquo; class=&rdquo;post-thumb&rdquo; alt=&rdquo;<span data-post_id=&rdquo;4297â€Â³ data-type=&rdquo;input&rdquo; data-filter=&rdquo;the_title&rdquo; class=&rdquo;fee-field&rdquo;>Women and Their Influence in the Blogosphere</span>&rdquo; title=&rdquo;<span data-post_id=&rdquo;4297â€Â³ data-type=&rdquo;input&rdquo; data-filter=&rdquo;the_title&rdquo; class=&rdquo;fee-field&rdquo;>Women and Their Influence in the Blogosphere</span>&rdquo; />

I’m not a coding pro, but this doesn’t look right to me. The alt and title tags seem to have unnecessary content, which is why part of the code is being displayed on my homepage (posts and pages seem to be fine). I really love this plugin, but there is no way I can use it, if it totally distorts my homepage. I’ll definitely see if I can resolve this issue though so that I can continue to use it.

If you’ve installed the plugin on your blog, I’d love to know if you had similar issues. Feel free to share in the comments!

Link: Front-end Editor

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  • Comment by IFdUKiev

    … I mean, do have something similar?

  • Comment by IFdUKiev

    I experience something like <span data-post_id=… and a double title of a post? Take a look at this print screen pic:
    Does someone know how to fix it?

  • Comment by newwpthemesnet

    I guess it’s something I should test out on a small or new site before playing with it more but it appears to be something handy to install.