Free WP Marketplace Plugin Receives Update

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The free WP Marketplace Shopping Cart plugin that is available at received its latest update on Wednesday, January 30th. The modification features an updated language string along with a new option for weight and dimension. The User Interface has also been recently modified for smoother use, plus there is a new [wpmp-frontend] shortcode which allows the Manage Product, Add Product and User Earning functions to appear on the same page within the UI.

WP Marketplace is promoted as “a free full-featured WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin with everything you need on a easy interface [which] has special options to convert.” Since its creation in May of last year, the extension has been downloaded more than 25,000 times and enjoys a 4.6 Out Of 5 Star Rating. It requires WordPress 2.0.2 or higher to run properly and is compatible up to WordPress 3.4.2.

The WP Marketplace Plugin

WP Marketplace Plugin

Due to its simple installation and pain-free maintenance, WP Marketplace is an ideal plugin for website owners wishing to upgrade their online storefront without investing in a premium download. While it doesn’t quite live up to the functionality of today’s premium e-Commerce plugins, there is a lot (besides its cost-free status) to like. WP Marketplace comes with PayPal Integration and allows the webmaster to manage discounts based on individual customer role levels. The plugin can be extended for multiple payment gateways with Inventory Management and Sales Tax capabilities.

WP Marketplace Control Panel

The download also allows you to seamlessly generate invoices and comes with customizable email templates. If your online Point of Sale deals with the marketing of digital merchandise, then you’ll be happy to learn that WP Marketplace includes a Product Demo option, Licensing System (for product protection), and a security system for downloaded items.

More Features

For the front-end user, the WP Marketplace plugin provides plenty of customization options to keep customers returning. Shoppers can easily manage their storefront and manage payouts while relying on a fund maturity period. There are role-based commission setups available for affiliates; not to mention that the plugin is SEO optimized for search engine success.

WP Marketplace Checkout Screen

Social media integration means that your website will be able to automatically post new products to Facebook, Twitter and Delicious. Premium members (those who decide to sign up for a paid account) will receive several add-ons, including Prepaid Credits, a Catalog Shortcode, a Members Badge, Quantity Discount Option, Simplified Checkout Process, Affiliate Manager and Featured Product Slider Pack.

The WP Marketplace Support Forum is accessible to both free and paid subscription service members. If you have your log-in information handy, instant questions can be addressed directly at

Download And Documentation

There is a separate webpage for those who would like to browse the WP Marketplace Plugin Documentation before deciding whether to download. If you would like to skip directly to the installation process, you can Download WP Marketplace Version 1.7.5 here. Once you have saved the .zip file, you should upload wpmarketplace to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, then activate it via the Plugins tab within the WordPress menu.

WP Marketplace Shopping Cart

The plugin has averaged approximately 150 downloads per day over the past week, but that number may increase now that January 30th update has been posted. The vast majority of current users have download Version 1.7.1 or later.

Product Summary

WP Marketplace is a great tool for beginning webmasters who are running their first e-Commerce site, but can also be successfully implemented by professionals. Depending on your line of merchandise, the functionality could prove to be extremely helpful when designing pricing structures and gaining customer loyalty through role-based discounts.

Being able to configure the settings from the back-end Control Panel ahead of time makes it much easier to tweak the parameters based on your individual site’s performance.