The Frances Wright – A Simple Yet Elegant Blogging Theme

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The Frances Wright WordPress theme is a new blogging design from ThemeSweet. It is a simple clean design with beautiful typography and would be a good option for a personal blog due to its simplicity.

The sidebar is on the left hand side though this could be changed easily with a few edits to the templates and the stylesheet. It lacks certain templates such as dedicated sitemap and author templates though there is a links template for your blogroll.

If you plan on editing the theme a lot, you will be pleased to know that the code is very clean. Annoyingly the developer has chosen to store the 3 stylesheets the theme uses in a sub folder. This means that you can’t edit your theme directly via the admin area. I would recommend leaving the reset.css in the sub folder as it is unlikely you will ever need to modify it, though it´s worth copying the code from tablet.css and theme.css to style.css so that you can edit everything in the admin area.

The Frances Wright WordPress theme

The theme lacks its own options area (though the website states that it does have one). I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing as it doesn’t really need it and any changes you want to make can be made through the templates directly. On the plus side the top navigation menu is powered by the WordPress menu system, the sidebar is widget ready and it supports WordPress custom header and background images.

The Frances Wright is free to download however the website promotes a pro version that has a responsive design and social media integration. There is no way to actually purchase the pro version at the moment (though I suspect this will be coming soon).

It is currently being used by ThemeSweet developer Nikki Snow for his personal website so I recommend checking that out if you want to see what it looks like on a live website.


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