Four WordCamps Coming In January 2014

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Now that the new year has come to pass, it is time to focus on upcoming WordCamps that are scheduled to take place beginning this weekend. Each camp is set to take place in a different country with two in Europe, one in North America and the other in Asia.

The action will kick off this Friday, January 17th, in Phoenix (Arizona) with an unusual three-day event that will feature everything from workshops to parties. The official WordCamp Phoenix website even offers a separate section for kids that want to get involved with or would like to be introduced to the WordPress platform! According to the website, “this special WordCamp session will be lead by Suzette Franck. She is the WordPress evangelist for Media Temple and a veteran WordCamp speaker. Past attendees and their parents look forward to attending each year and will be there helping out with the class. The session is a fun experience and can be a very useful skill for young ones to learn. Each child will come out of the class with a functioning website (with parental supervision, of course). Past graduates of WordCamp for Kids have started their own websites and started blogging.

Needless to say, it’s a step in the right direction and another success for the WordCamp concept when parents and children can get involved together and learn more about WordPress.

If you would like to purchase tickets to the WordCamp Phoenix event, you can do so by visiting this page. The basic ticket price is $50 US Dollars.

WordCamp Paris

For those who reside in France or will be visiting this weekend, WordCamp Paris will take place on Friday and Saturday. WordCamp Central coordinator Andrea Middleton posted on the website that “WordCamp Paris is a two-day event, where both professionals and enthusiasts can come and share their love for WordPress and its ecosystem. The first day is a conference day, and speakers will talk about WordPress, project management, BuddyPress, e-commerce, multisite, cloud hosting, SEO, etc. The second day is more of a developer/community day, with a mix of conferences, workshops, barcamp, hackday, lightning-talks, etc.”

There will be 15 lectures and seven workshops on tap for the two-day event. While most of them will be in French, four will be performed in English.

More WordCamps

There are two more WordCamps set for January; both of which will take place from January 25th to January 26th. One will take place in Norway while the other is set to commence in the country of India. The WordCamp Central website states that “the Norwegian WordPress community will come together in Oslo for WordCamp Norway 2014. This will be the third WordCamp in held Norway and it’s been amazing to see the community grow over the past few years. If you are in Norway, live in a neighboring country or crazy enough to experience what (cold) Norway is like in the middle of January, we’d love to have you join our WordPress community for a weekend of WordPress fun and learning.”

Having a WordCamp set for India is always an interesting experience, and will be especially so now that WPML is sponsoring all events throughout the 2014 calendar year.

To find out more about how the camps work, simply click on the following link to learn how to become involved in your area or what to expect from a camp that is scheduled in your area. Ticket prices are maintained at a relatively low price in an effort to ensure that WordPress fans of all economic capabilities have the ability to attend and learn from the workshops, lectures and brainstorming sessions that take place.

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