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Recently,, a company known for its popular FooBox flagship plugin, announced that it will now market eight total downloads (some premium and some free) to its customers. The company launched its new service during WordCamp Miami 2013; a training intensive event open to the public in which FooPlugins was a Silver Sponsor.

“As you may know, FooPlugins is the direct result of the success and experiences of our flagship plugin, FooBox,” says a recent promotional post on the official website. “We’ve worked a lot of long hours in the past few months to make sure that we’re delivering high quality code, service, and support and also adhering to WordPress standards. We currently have eight WordPress and jQuery plugins available. Free and Premium. Please be sure to stay tuned to our FooPlugins Blog as we will be announcing more releases this month, and each month thereafter.”

FooPlugins Products

FooPlugins List

The firm’s main plugin, called FooBox, is a fully responsive image LightBox download that is designed to make your screenshots look attractive on virtually any device; regardless of its screen size. Its added Social Sharing functionality combined with a sleek slide show truly bring out the best in your photographic material if you are running a WordPress website. FooBox will work immediately with WordPress Galleries and NextGen Gallery, and is compatible with other popular plugins. Its premium price range starts at $27 and goes up to $97 depending on how many personal or business websites you want to use it on.

SocialWiggle Pro

One of the newer releases from FooPlugins is called SocialWiggle Pro, a plugin that “provides a new and unique way to display your social network location, while at the same time grabbing your visitors’ attention through the use of movement. Make your social network icons move in various ways to draw attention and gain visitors to your social networks. SocialWiggle makes it easy with a built-in shortcode generator and widget you can place in any widgetized area of your site. You can choose your social network icon size, button style, and even the way yo want your icons to move.”

As with other premium downloads, SocialWiggle comes with three pricing options ($6, $16, and $26) which are distinguished by whether the customer is purchasing it for a personal website, multiple sites, or business purposes.

Currently, there are two other premium plugins offered by Foo – FooBar jQuery and FooBar Pro.

Free Plugins

Aside from the purchasable options that FooPlugins grants customers, the company also offers “Lite” versions of its downloads that are available for free. These include FooBar Lite, SocialWiggle Lite, FooTable jQuery and FooTable Lite. All have different functionality capabilities and can be enjoyed with zero commitment and payment from the customer. Basically, these are less feature-heavy trial versions of their premium plugin counterparts made available to those who would like to try out certain aspects before deciding whether to buy.

Other Website Features

Besides service as a platform to market and sell its downloads, the website offers an independent blog feed with entries related to WordPress industry news. For example, the most recent publication goes into detail about recent Brute Force attacks to WordPress websites, and provides a checklist of what tech-savvy individuals should do in order to guard against security issues.

FooPlugins representative Adam W. Warner posted his security checklist article on April 17th by stating, “You probably know that in the past week there have been some massive brute force attacks on WordPress powered sites. Or perhaps you didn’t know this. Either way, we’ve written up this WordPress Brute Force Attack checklist to help you maintain the security of your site. And help avoid the huge headache that comes in dealing with a hacked site.”

To find out more about the new FooPlugins catalog, visit

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