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Just recently released, Cat + Tag Filter is a great plugin by ajayver that allows you to place a widget on your website that lets your visitors filter the posts being displayed by category and/or tag.

The plugin is designed primarily for websites with dozens, or hundreds, or tags and categories that need to provide visitors with an easy way to browse the content of the site that is relevant to what they are searching for. So, for example, you run a photography blog and have your photos from around the world categorized into countries, then tagged with location types. This plugin would allow visitors to search for just those posts filed under “Jamaica”, and tagged with “beach”.

In the future, the author plans to include a feature that would allow users to filter posts by multiple tags / categories. So instead of just choosing one category and one tag, you’d be able to choose to filter by posts filed under “Thailand”, and tagged with “Jungle” and “Exotic”.

By default the plugin works as a widget, which can be inserted into any widgetized sidebar. But if your theme does not support widgets, the author also provides instructions for inserting the filter directly into your theme’s template files.

Although it’s a very new plugin, it has already received a 5 star rating and almost a hundred downloads. Why don’t you go try it out and let us know what you think?

Download: Cat + Tag Filter

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  • Comment by yesvietnaminfo

    I’m waiting for features “filter posts by multiple tags / categories.”
    Thanks you