How To Access Your Feedburner Stats Through Your WordPress Admin Area

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A few weeks ago I published a guest post for John Chow entitled ‘Three Great Stat Plugins For WordPress‘. In addition to Social Metrics and Google Analytics Dashboard, two plugins that have featured on WPMods before, I also mentioned a great plugin entitled
Feed Stats for WordPress.

Feed Stats allows you to access important information from your Feedburner account directly through your admin area. In the settings area you can set how many days of data you want to show on your stats page. I’ve set mine to 7 days as if you set more the graph starts to get a little too busy and difficult to understand correctly.

The stats page is divided into two sections. The left hand side shows the number of hits, your total number of subscribers and your reach. The information is displayed via a graph and a table.

On the right hand side you can see the number of clicks and views that has occurred through your RSS feed. This is useful for seeing what articles were clicked the most within the last few weeks. Again, the information is shown as a graph and in a table.

Feed Stats for WordPress

The main reason for logging into Feedburner directly is to check your RSS subscriber count and have a look at how many clicks were generated. Feed Stats for WordPress displays this information on your own admin area therefore once you install the plugin there’s very little need to log into Feedburner unless you are changing some settings.

If you track your RSS subscribers through Feedburner, I recommend checking it out.


Link: Feed Stats for WordPress