FaultPress Advanced Ticket System

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FaultPress is a premium theme from popular theme developers Woo Themes. It allows you to convert WordPress into a fully fledged bug report and ticketing system; making it perfect for anyone who is developing a product for sale.

The home page shows the latest tickets that have been updated and the sidebar shows the ‘current milestone’ i.e. how many tickets have been resolved. Developers can send messages to each other and the design is optimised for mobile platforms such as iphones, android devices and ipads. It works very much like the tracker system that WordPress.org uses (although a bit more professional looking).

FaultPress WordPress Theme

I have never had the need to use a bug tracking system though I understand how they work. There are many stand alone bug tracking scripts available though FaultPress looks like a good alternative for those who are looking for something that uses the WordPress platform.

FaultPress retails for $100 however Woo Themes club members get access to the theme for free. The layered photoshop file is also included with the download. More information can be found at the link below.



FaultPress: Information & Download | Demo

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  • Comment by Ryan

    I have been using WordPress advanced ticket system from http://www.ticket-system.net for a while on my website. It provides a lot of features for a more convenient price. It also has a lot of features like custom fields, frontend submission, excel export, etc… So I would rather recommend it.