Preview Links with the FadeOut Thumbshots WordPress Plugin

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FadeOut-Thumbshots is a simple WordPress plugin that allows your visitors to see a small thumbnail of the website which is being linked to in your content.

You can change how the thumbnails are displaying. For example, you can change the direction the thumbnail is displayed (left or right) and choose from 7 sizes of thumbnail.

Fadeout Thumbshots WordPress Plugin

The preview doesn’t display anything initially. It first has to send a request to for the thumbnail to be generated. After a few minutes the thumbnail will be updated with the thumbnail image.

Fadeout Thumbshots WordPress Plugin

Fadeout Thumbshots is a simple way of adding thumbnail previews to your links. You can choose to display previews for all links or you can choose to display thumbnails on external sites only or just links you select; so you don’t need to worry about annoying visitors with thumbnails on internal sites.

I do think the thumbnail design could be improved a little and it would be better if thumbnails were generated and saved on your own site rather than an external website. Still, it’s a useful little plugin which I’m sure some of you will like :)


Link: FadeOut-Thumbshots