Facebook WordPress Plugin Receives Overhaul, Negative Feedback Remains

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The Facebook WordPress Plugin, which has been downloaded more than 268,000 times since becoming available in June of this year, received a major overhaul Thursday that is aimed at addressing the concerns many users have had with the extension to date. The tool allows WordPress users to instantly post content from a website directly to the timeline of a Facebook account with simple mouse clicks and basically simplifies the process of informing Friends and Subscribers on events, news and opinions.

Social distribution can be increased globally with the extension thanks to being able to publish Like, Send and Subscribe options to each post, plus there is a Recommendation Bar display to go along with the link.

Daily Download Statistics

There were two days in the month of June in which the Facebook plugin was downloaded over 8,000 times. On November 15th, a total of 7,893 users took advantage of the latest version (1.1.5) – a fact that raises hope that added functionality will assist a larger percentage of those who incorporate it into their content publication routines.

Facebook Plugin Daily Downloads

However, nearly 90% of all those who use this method for posting their blogging material to the social media giant are still on Version 1.0.2 according to WordPress.org.

Facebook Plugin Version Usage

Star Ratings And User Feedback

The Facebook WordPress plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.3 or higher and will also work once the full release of WordPress 3.5 is made available to the public on December 5th.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been an abundance of rave reviews for this plugin, as the overall Star Rating given by users so far has been 2.9 Out Of 5 Stars with more than 200 votes tallied.

Facebook Plugin Star Ratings

Several WordPress developers have reported the new update as “broken” so far, with a total of 200+ support threads created since September 15h. One person who provided a review comment wanted to know how to alter settings by page or post, explaining that he “wanted to activate the comment box, just for some pages, but no more individual menu per page/posts, all became just “general same options” for ALL pages/posts, etc. Worse, The comment box appear everywhere, even on pages I deactivate the comments… (like homepage, contact, sitemap, etc.)”

User “mothpre” told readers that he has the plugin working “on two diffrent websites. in one it works good in other it doesn’t. Your choice.” Meanwhile, “techtangerine” said the extension is “undoubtedly the most disappointing plugin of 2012.”

Kevin McGuire stated that he has experienced “nothing but trouble,” iterating that he has “not been able to get this to work. Today when I updated it, it knocked out all of my comments and added comment forms to all my site pages. Crazy stuff!”

Facebook Plugin User Comment

Facebook Plugin User Comment 2

Bug Fixes

If some of the kinks are worked out, there are a handful of improvements to the latest version that could make it attractive to those who use social media to ‘get the word out’ when they make a post to their WordPress site.

For one, the Delete Comments Option on the Comments Settings Page will now save when no comments are identified. When the comments box social plugin is enabled for one or more post types, the stats published by Facebook are available in all page contexts. The Subscribe button settings issues have been resolved, as well as the Recommendations Bar maximum age settings bugs.

Facebook Plugin New Features

It should also be noted that the core issue surrounding older versions of PHP have been addressed.

We’ll continue to keep our readers informed on any progress on the latest release of the Facebook WordPress Plugin. If you’re willing to give it a try, you can Download Facebook Plugin Version 1.1.5 directly by clicking on the link provided, but inexperienced users would likely benefit greatly from reading up on Support Forum threads before doing so.