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Facebook Page Themes is a premium WordPress plugin from Premium Coding that helps you create a professional looking Facebook fan page directly from your WordPress admin area. The plugin comes with 5 pre-made designs that you can customise through the admin area.

There are 7 main areas in the plugin options page plus an additional tab that provides details on how you can get support.

The first thing you need to do is select which of the pre-made designs you want to use on your fan page. Strangely, the theme section is on the seventh tab rather than the first.

Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

The Designs

Before we look into how you can customise your fan page, let’s look at the designs that are available to you. Each design has a similar structure. There is a home page, portfolio page, blog page and contact page. The home page features a slider, your latest portfolio items and a quotes area. Individual items can be added to your portfolio and you can import posts from your blog too.

Fashion Star Theme
Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

Grunge Star Theme
Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

Blue Star Theme
Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

Red Star Theme
Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

Black Star Theme
Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

Customising Your Fan Page

You can add as many images to your slider as you wish. Text can be placed over the top of the slider image but currently you can’t make the image a link.

Through the main settings area you can set your logo and add text to your footer. You can also change the name of each page in your menu too. The 4 pages (home, portfolio,blog, contact) are set in stone i.e. you can’t add additional pages.

Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

In the home page settings area you can add portfolio items. It works in a similar way to the home page slider. You can set your title, upload an image and enter your HTML code. Even though the templates display the latest two portfolio items on the home page, the items are not actually pulled from your portfolio page. You need to set them separately through the home page settings area.

You can also set two quotes through the home page area that are displayed at the bottom of the home page. The slider options are also on the home page settings area and not on the slider options area where you upload your slider images. You can choose from 11 different animations for your slider and control and customise the rotation times and navigation settings.

Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

You can add a total of 6 items to your portfolio. It works in exactly the same way as the two portfolio items that can be added through your home page settings area.

My favourite feature of Facebook Page Themes is it’s ability to pull blog posts directly from your website to your fan page. You can set how many items to display and whether the time, title and images are displayed.

Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin

The in built contact page is actually pretty good. You can customise the title, text, field labels, email address and subject. You can also change the success and error messages.

Facebook Page Themes WordPress Plugin


I’ve looked into a lot of Facebook fan page creation services over the last few months. Most charge a small monthly fee or a one off fee in excess of $50. The Facebook Page Themes plugin doesn’t offer many features that these services offer such as the ability to restrict content to those who haven’t liked you, hosted competitions and social media integration.

It does offer a lot of features that other fan page creation services and software don’t such as the home page slider, in built contact form and portfolio page. The ability to export your blog posts to your fan page is by far my favourite feature and something that sets it aside from the competition. The other thing that it has going for is it’s price; it retails for only $18 from CodeCanyon.

There are some things that could be improved though. The ability to show your latest blog posts on your home page would be great plus I’d love to be able to split the home page, portfolio, blog and contact page into separate tabs on Facebook rather than having all 4 pages in the one area. The option of adding more custom pages would also we welcomed, even if it was just a basic template to allow you to add information so you could easily add an information or promotions page.

Whilst the plugin isn’t perfect (what Facebook fan page solution is?), it’s one of the best options I have found for creating a professional looking Facebook fan page. It’s quick to set up, easy to use and is very affordable. I recommend checking it out :)

If you have any questions regarding this plugin please let me know and I’ll do my best to address them.


Link: Facebook Page Themes | Premium Coding

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