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Yesterday, we brought our readers a story on Elegant Themes’ fifth anniversary and how the firm is giving away a number of lifetime subscriptions as part of its celebration. On Tuesday, April 30th, ET Founder and CEO Nick Roach gave customers and fans a glimpse at an upcoming premium release called Fable; a fully responsive WordPress theme that will be aimed at personal blog websites. With the upcoming release of WordPress 3.6, we can be sure that the current catalog as well as Fable (when it is released) will be fully compatible with the latest version along with popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

In Roach’s blog post, he stated, “Today we have a sneak peek of our upcoming theme named Fable. Creating narrative through post variation, Fable will tell your story in an inspiring and engaging manner. It has been a while since we released a theme geared towards personal blogging, and Fable will be the perfect solution for those looking to give their modest blog a beautiful new skin. Uniquely designed custom port formats, responsive full-screen design and a strong set of customization options are just a few things you can expect from this stylish new theme. I hope that you like the preview.”

Fable Homepage

Our first look at the Fable homepage lets us know that it will boast the same soft color palettes that we have become accustomed to with Elegant Themes which make it easy on the front-end viewer’s eyes while also drawing a pleasant contrast to text and other content that is contained on any given WordPress website.

Custom Post Formats

One of the most talked about topics in recent months has been the use of custom post formats, and how they can specify which type of content is being posted; from quotes and multimedia to photos and traditional text. With Fable, new WordPress webmasters and site owners will be able to manipulate the back-end Options Panel and make major changes without ever having to go into the Editor and work with code. Basically speaking, all of the code work is done for you beforehand, although existing Elegant Themes customers are welcome to contact support if they have any questions.

What we can also see from the preview that Elegant Themes has provided is that there will be a separate homepage Photos Feed that is options. Notice in the screenshot below that the thumbnails are uniquely designed with a hexagonal default frame that adds a nice touch to any personal blog site.

Fable Photos

Built In SEO & Custom Widgets

All of the premium themes currently being marketed by Elegant Themes come with built in SEO along with a separate SEO Control Panel tab dedicated to getting the most our of your searches. There are also a number of custom widgets that can be inserted within the sidebar and footer regions to give users one-click access to important areas on your website such as recent posts/comments, galleries, sponsors, meta info, contact pages and more.

Fable will also come with complete social media integration that will allow you to post links to your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites as well as publish feeds that contain recent posts and shares.

At the time this article was written Tuesday afternoon (Eastern Time), there were seven comments below the official blog post, with six of the seven replies giving positive feedback and encouragement to the CEO and his development team while the other (J.R. Miller) stated that he “would love [it] if this theme had options for Video and Audio template like the Notebook theme. This way I could always transition from Notebook if I like it without having to re-edit all my old posts.”

Here at WPHub.com, we will continue to keep our readers informed on the progress of the upcoming Fable theme as well as provide a separate news story when it is commercially released.