Express App For iPhone Lets You Publish To Your Tumblr Style WordPress Website

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Have you ever thought about running a Tubmle Style Website with WordPress? Well, with the Express iPhone App for WordPress from Woo Themes you can quickly and effortlessly publish to your Tumblr-style WordPress blog right from your mobile device.

In order to use the app you need to install the WooTumblog plugin on your site. There are dozens of great Tumblr style WordPress themes that work with it out the box. You will need to purchase the app for your iPhone too.

Woo Themes Tumblr Styled Themes

If you’re wondering what these tools are, basically it helps turn your ordinary WordPress blog into a Tumblr-like blog. The only difference is that you’ll have more control over your blog because it will be powered by WordPress. Sometimes you just want to quickly post content to your WordPress blog and these tools help you with that.

Express App

The iPhone app will cost you $4.99. It has a clean look and includes the ability to save drafts for later and moderate your blog comments. You can also view your drafts and archives right from your mobile device.

Express App

If you’re wondering which themes are supported for this app, you can check out the information link below. There are currently 19 supported themes, with the vast majority of them being premium themes. Their beautifully styled themes coupled with this simple yet efficient iPhone app for quick on-the-go publishing, definitely makes it all worth it. It works with any website though if you install the plugin.

Worth trying out if you want to start a Tumblr style website with WordPress. If you don’t need Tumblr style functionality and just want to administer your WordPress website via your phone you should check out the free official applications from WordPress for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Nokia.

Express App: Information | Download App | WooTumblog plugin | Demo

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  • Comment by Carramba

    What about the prices for Android devices? Are they the same?

  • Comment by Tumblr Challenges
    Tumblr Challenges

    I wish these themes had follow and like buttons that would take your followers to their own tumblr accounts to like or follow your real tumblr account.

  • Comment by aksaini007

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