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Since 2006, WordCamps have become a staple of the WordPress community by allowing individuals and companies located throughout the world to congregate and share ideas on how to better utilize tools associated with the open source platform. More than 207 WordCamps have been held over the past 6 1/2 years, in 116 cities, across 38 countries and six continents. The results have been overwhelming. Data gathered from the seminars (which are now held on a near-weekly basis around the globe) has contributed to a faster learning curve; prompting WordPress project collaborators to more easily complete and streamline their tasks.

WordCamp Orlando

Although the notion of actually attending a WordCamp is very tempting to designers, creatives and developers, it is not always possible – especially for those who either reside in remote areas of the world or whose schedules often prevent them from taking an entire weekend away from their responsibilities.

Virtual WordCamp Attendance

Luckily, there is a remedy for those who would like to receive intensive training and immersion from WordCamp sessions without having to physically go to a location. Travel expenditures may be out of the question for some startups, so WordPress.tv is working tirelessly to bring the seminars to the Internet – free of charge, for everyone to enjoy.

WordCamp Logo

Thanks to a diligent effort by WordCamp Central coordinator Andrea Middleton and other parties, hardware sharing among event organizers has enabled staff and lecturers to shuttle around valuable devices such as video cameras, high quality projectors and other equipment to various locales in order to make full use of them in classroom environments.

This means that video content is frequently uploaded to WordPress.tv and made available to the public. Just last week, we covered an entry which featured a lecture by WordPress expert Chris Lema, who instructed those in attendance on how to get the most out of your distributed workforce. Lema’s lecture focused on making the right professional choices as an employee and how to evaluate project members from an administrative perspective. The excerpt was taken from the Phoenix 2013 WordCamp.

WordCamp Phoenix 2013

There are also entries related to Growth, Theme Creation and WordPress Website Design which can be viewed, analyzed and even commented on by WordPress fans.

Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Tracks

In a March 19th blog post published on WordPress.com, the benefits of virtual WordCamp attendance were outlined. “Since WordCamps happen everywhere there are a range of languages available, and since many of them have beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks, there are topics to suit every user. In addition to WordCamp workshops, there are dozens of tutorial videos on specific topics like choosing a theme or recovering your lost password — over 600 videos in total. There are also lots of helpful sessions on creating great content and building your readership”

WordCamp Istanbul

As the popularity of WordPress and WordCamps continue to grow, we can likely anticipate even more uploaded content to the WordPress.tv website. A recent request by admins also shows a commitment to posting home-grown tutorial videos in an effort to provide an even wider array of explanations on how to best use the platform and convert it into a successful enterprise.

Many of the entries are geared toward self-hosted websites, but there is still a great selection of multimedia for WordPress.com users as well.

April 2013 WordCamps

There are eight WordCamps set for the month of April. The first will be held in Miami, Florida on April 6th-7th. On April 20th, there are three events scheduled to take place: one in Seoul, South Korea – another in Nashville, Tennessee – and the third in Bratislava, Slovakia.

There will be four events open around the world on the weekend of April 27th-28th: Minneapolis, Minnesota – Melbourne, Australia – Ottawa, Canada and Reno, Nevada.

If you would like to personally attend an upcoming WordCamp, visit the WordCamp Central website.