Exclusive Interview with Hermes Themes Founder Dumitru Brinzan: Part 4

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This is the final installment of our sit-down interview with Hermes Themes Founder Dumitru Brinzan. I know – we’re sad too. Hermes Themes specializes in themes for hotels, so our interview series was especially insightful. In our final installment, we’ll talk about the structure of Hermes Themes and discuss the future of WordPress in general.

WPHub: Tell us about the company. How many people do you have working for you and how long have you been around?

dumitru brinzanDumitru Brinzan: Right now, we are in the startup phase and I am the founder and developer. I have a designer working on theme mock-ups and improvements and two talented designers doing custom logo and branding work on demand. At the moment, I am also handling support, as the flow is not that big right now. So, basically, I am the only full-time worker and there are another four people doing custom work part-time behind the curtain. The website was launched on February 1.

WPHub: Where does everyone live and work?

Dumitru Brinzan: I am from Moldova in Eastern Europe and the designers are all around Europe.

Where do you see the WordPress industry going in general?

Dumitru Brinzan: My personal prediction is that WordPress-related companies will start charging more (and they should) for their products and services. Those that are in this market for the short-term can sell their themes for $30 and claim “lifetime support.” Those that have been in the business for three or four years are starting to realize that this business model is difficult to scale.

We have had customers buy our themes during promotions for 50% off and then we would get 100 to 150 support comments from them over the span of two to three years. Providing about six to right hours of support to just one client for $30 is not the best business decision you can make.

Therefore, I can see major theme developers making tough business decisions in the future such as raising the price for their themes and reducing the timeline for support to six to 12 months. Maybe some developers will adopt no-support pricing plans like “Buy 5 for the Price of 1 with No Support Included.”

WPHub: Do you still work with WPZoom or are you exclusively at Hermes Themes?

Dumitru Brinzan: I am still the co-founder and developer at WPZoom. Hermes Themes is a personal project of mine not related to WPZoom. They do not interfere with each other.

WPHub: Where did the $199 price for the Hermes Themes Professional Plan come from? Also, talk about the logic of providing a free plan.

Dumitru Brinzan:
From time to time, I do custom work for some of our clients at WPZoom. It is normal for a client to pay $69 for two of our themes and then pay another $100 to $150 for some custom work. So, in the end, it costs over $200 and they are happy about getting a website with a custom theme for that price.

I am convinced that money is not always an issue. If the theme perfectly fits your requirements, you will buy it for whatever amount it costs, whether it’s $60 or $150. And there is another small benefit to this: with this price tag, the theme will be bought only by people who are really interested in it and want to see it on their website. When a theme costs $30, you will end up seeing it on thousands of websites, including low-quality, Viagra-selling websites.

In a way, our themes are a bit more exclusive, like a private club for people who enjoy expensive cigars.

WPHub: Visit HermesThemes.com today to see what the buzz is all about.

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